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Are You Feeling Stuck?

You may have goals, dreams and visions that excite you, that give you a real sense of purpose and passion.Then, almost in an instant, your enthusiasm is gone, you're not moving forward and you may start to tell yourself it wasn't really that important after all.Here are some tools to get b

What NOT to Mix in Life!

We are always told what to do, what action to take, what book we should read, what organization we should join, etc. The advice is out there in a big way should you choose to seek its word. I'd like to take a different approach and discuss some things in life that should not be mixed - and you

Christianity, A Counter Culture Movement

The early church in the first century was powerful in transforming a godless and religious culture. What caused this revolution? There are 3 factors contributing to the rise of Christianity's spread and influence in the first century.

Why Vision Boards Don't Always Work

When you create, you must first create in your mind. The cause determines the effect and the cause must first take place in your mind to see and experience the effect in your physical environment.

Millionaire's Mindset - Responsibility

What if I told you that you could improve your business - without even looking at your business?Here's the secret - practice this simple, practical method and you are guaranteed to create amazing powers.You will grow and change, learning a millionaire's mindset.And, you will start to see y

Curing Procrastination - What Is Procrastination?

For some people, procrastination is not just a word; it is an unfortunate way of life. Many men and women out there are just up to their necks with strained relationships, dire health and financial status, all of which can be somehow be linked to the fact that they in some part of their life conscio

How to Handle the Daily Reminder of Illness

No one wants to be reminded of tough times.Those facing a chronic or life-threatening illness are reminded daily of their condition.Finding easy and successful ways to overcome the negative self-talk will improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Power of Choice

Life is full of choices and is created by the choices we make. Every day you make countless choices, some conscious, most unconscious.

3-Step Mantra to Happiness

The post talks about 3 steps that can help you be happy. For being in a happy frame of mind, irrespective of the hurdles that life throws your way, follow and apply these tips.

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Finding your life's purpose can be a really big task for some people. This article looks at some ways to make this task easier and poses that ultimately there is no right or wrong purpose for you, only the one that you say it is.

Who And What Are Angels?

The master says there are falling dark angels expelled from other worlds where many solar systems and galaxies have endless wars that reign like in Star Wars. These frictions and wars take place with...

3 Crucial Steps For Goal Setting Success

Achieving goal setting success can be a daunting task. There are so many obstacles which get in the way of what we want to achieve in life. These obstacles include other people's attitudes, our past failures, our fears and our levels of self esteem. These obstacles are often linked and can comp

Angels - Archangel Ambriel Will Help You Gain Clarity

What does clarity really have to do with following your path, expanding your conscious awareness? Seeing clearly reveals the truth about a situation, an experience and even about someone. It is clearing away the debris, the fog that appears when you have doubts about the next step or set of steps.

Personal Change - 4 Conditions That Transform Us

Sometimes terminology gets tossed around and we all nod our heads like we understand what's being said, when we don't. I thought I would take a few steps back and take a simplistic look at what personal change is, to ensure we're all nodding our heads in understanding. When I speak ab

5 Questions Successful People Ask

Rich dad said, €The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions. They're always learning. They're always growing. They're always pushing.€ Conversely, rich dad said, €The losers in life think they have ...