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3 Big Online Dating Tips

There is a vast difference between meeting in a public place and online. Everyone involved has to be very guarded in not saying, too much about yourself at first.

How to Meet Local Single Women

The next time a lady gives you those dreaded four words, "Let's just be friends," you might end up being glad she said them to you. Women typically maintain extensive social networks much larger than the average male. The easiest way to meet local women is to become a woman

How to Be the Kind of Date That Gets Girls Successfully

Everyone wants to find the perfect date and hope that it ends up in a relationship. Finding a date that you really like is like finding a needle in a haystack successfully. Not every date is going to be the fantasy you have always dreamed about but not all your dating experiences have to be duds eit

Dating - Time To Build Friendship

The time to establish friendship in the relationship chain is during dating. This is appropriate given that the basic qualities of friendship - supporter, helper - contain elements of sacrifice which the tender periods of courtship and marriage would not be able to bear.

Please My Wife! Making-Up Success

Here's the thing about why I needed to "please my wife" in bed, this major observation maybe something that you are aware of, or it maybe totally new? But the one thing that it is, is it's so real in relation to having a happy wife, to having the unhappy nagging wife!

The Most Common Myths in Dating Girls Debunked

Throughout history, men have already spent their lives trying to figure out a woman. In dating girls, they often search for rules to apply and recall effective methods to lure a girl - that's all wrong. In dating women, never come up with expectations, here are other myths that you have to unle

Sex Sells - What is It Really Worth?

Our American society has become so captivated with sex, money and the image of things that weve neglected to seek and appreciate the substance of life.We have eradicated a need for virtues and have embraced a depraved mentality.We have replaced a lifestyle of values, respect for others and self-disc