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"First" Shop in the World

A photo of a store sign billing itself as the "First Shop in the World," due to its location in Greenwich, London and thus at 4/10 of a minute west of the Prime Meridian.

So You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Going to law school is just the first step in becoming a successful lawyer.Law school provides you with the tools you need to educate yourself as you work for your client's interest.While the legal profession is not always glamorous, it can sometimes be interesting and occasionally even be rewa

Learn English In England : A Brief Overview

The entire concept of learn English in England has got a fresh enunciation with the growth of study abroad concept and has now got a special place amongst the students who wants to have a future proof career.

Measuring Improvements in Failure Rates

How many tests do you need to run on a system before you know what the failure rate is? Without knowing this, it is difficult to tell if changes made to a system have actually improved (lowered) the failure rate. The following explains how to best deal with this issue.

The Top Paying Jobs in India

While the global employability index is suffering at the hands of low economic conditions, Indian job industry is still performing comparably better. Students are getting pre-placement offers, where the salary is higher than even before. ...

Reading Speed - The Key To Doing Well On The SSAT Test!

This study guide for the SSAT test is going to give you tips that you can use to actually increase the speed at which you read. This will go a long way, reading faster and being able to understand what you have read is half of getting through the reading portion in the time allotted to you.

Middle School Electronic Projects

Middle school is a time when students start undertaking more advanced hands on projects to help them gain a deeper understanding of difficult topics. One of these topics which is usually taught in the abstract, but is very practical in use, is electronics. There are a number of middle school level e