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How Does a Water Sensor Work?

Automotive water sensors in one form or another have been around for a long time. Back in 1951, Harley Earl used a moisture sensor to up the gadget factor of his futuristic Buick LeSabre concept car; positioned in the center console, this water sensor and its control system automatically raised the

What Is a Bumper Filler?

A bumper filler is one of many aftermarket options available for most vehicles. Each bumper filler is designed to fit a specific vehicle model. Costs for bumper fillers vary, as do the materials used to manufacture them.

How to Use Dynamat

One of the complaints about driving audiophiles possess is the noise of the road interfering with their music. Instead of trying to drown out the noise with damaging volume, the solution can easily be the installation of sound damping products such as Dynamat. Dynamat is a heavy, rubber-like materia

How to Troubleshoot C5 Headlights

If the headlights on your C5 Corvette are not working, one of four main electrical components may have failed. The problem could lie in the headlight bulbs, the fuse that protects the components of the headlight circuit from power surges, the wiring harness bringing power to the headlight bulb, or t

How to Use a Wheelchair Lift Properly

Wheelchair lifts make it possible for people in wheelchairs to get in and out of vehicles safely and efficiently. However, you must use a lift properly to ensure the safety of both you and the passenger. If you drive for a commercial organization, consult your company's general procedures for how to

How do I Remove a Windshield on a 1974 VW?

Removing the windshield from a 1974 Volkswagen is made easier by its construction. The windshield is made of nearly flat glass and retained by a rubber gasket. The glass is small and light, the gasket easy to remove and the parts are still available to replace both the glass and gasket, if needed. R

Cleaning ZX-7R Carburetors

A ZX-7R is a Kawasaki 700 cc motorcycle. This bike replaced the Kawasaki ZXR-750 which was the main race bike in Kawasaki's lineup. Cleaning the carburetor is something that you will need to do on a regular basis to help keep the engine in proper running order. Cleaning the carburetor is not difficu

Tools for Scraping Carpet Out of a Boat

Regardless of the reason for stripping the carpet from your boat's deck, you will need one or two tools to complete the job. The tools range from simple hand tools, to pry both the carpet and adhesive from the deck, to specialized attachments for a drill. The detailed work following will include cle