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How Do Money & Capital Market Differ?

Money markets and capital markets together comprise methods of financing in the global financial system. Capital and money markets differ in time frame, type of instrument, and rate of return.

The Patterns of the Stock Market

Stock market like every other market is driven by the forces of demand and supply. So it has its own share of periodic ups and downs. It is the movement of the stock market that determines an investor's profit out of buying or selling a stock.

What Causes Paid-In Capital to Increase?

As the third part of a balance sheet, stockholders' equity includes a section for paid-in capital, which encompasses any and all investments by investors and the company's founders. When they acquire shares of the company, it's recorded under paid-in capital in the balance sheet. Paid-in capital mon

Group Stock Information

Groups of stocks are designations used by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to categorize its companies into discrete clusters. Grouping allows traders to focus on specific types of companies in developing their portfolios.

How do I Buy Stock in Disney?

If you've vacationed at any of the Disney theme parks and want to take a piece of them home, or simply think the company is well-run and want to participate in its profits, you can buy stock.. Shares can make an excellent gift for children because they can appreciate in value as they grow up, or the

Funding is Fundamental, Why Not Make it Fun?

A practice long found in the political arena as well as the non-profit charity realm, fundraising has been given a new name and has found its way into the for-profit world. This new name is crowdfunding.

How to Beat the Market Trading the Market Index

"Buy and hold" investing strategy probably does not work so well for most investors and traders in the past 15 years. From our analysis of the S&P500 performance from end of 1997 to 2008, an investor will make -7% (yes... that is Negative 7%) return using buy-and-hold strategy compared to

Here's a Little Used Way to Make Big Money in the Stock Market

One of my favorite investment types are penny stocks.Some investors never look at these sorts of shares because they believe that they are full of risk.The good news is that there is tremendous opportunity to make money with these shares if you know what you need to look for.

How to Balance My Assets and Liabilities

Balancing your assets and liabilities allows you to determine either your personal net worth or the net worth of your business. A balance sheet clearly lists all assets and liabilities in writing. Some people create balance sheets to help prioritize spending, others may be asked to create a balance

Tips For Earning Profits From The Stock Market

Stock market - it is a place, which is filled with a lot of speculation, dreams and more for millions of people who invest here with a single aim to make profits in a short time span. Whether you call it a gamble or a platform where you can fulfill your dream depends on your own vision. However, it

Types of Mutual Fund Brokers

When developing a portfolio of mutual fund investments, your first consideration should be where to open an account and how to purchase your shares. You can buy mutual funds through different types of brokers for varying transaction fees, or directly from mutual fund firms with few if any...

Wholesale Fund-Raiser Ideas

Raise money selling cookie dough.cookies image by William Berry from Fotolia.comWhether you're raising money for your school, church, team, or organization, the goal is to raise the most money possible. Some groups sell coupon books or sell tickets to fund-raising events. Many groups turn...

Recruiting And Managing Your Fundraising Volunteers

Aside from having a good fundraising plan, the need to successfully build your own volunteer team is very important. They are very essential in any fundraising campaign since they will be the ones that will be implementing your plan. Even though you are just organizing a small-scale fundraising even

How To Make Millions On The Stock Market

Making millions from the stock market takes time and money. It's certainly not something that happens overnight but the average investor could possibly make a cool million bucks in 30 years starting with just $10,000 dollars.

What Stocks Have the Highest Return on Investment?

Between 2001 and 2010, stocks in the S&P 500 earned investors a little more than 1 percent per year. Considering that bonds earned investors more than 5 percent per year during this same period, you may wish to explore alternatives to investing in the country's largest companies that make up the S&P