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Mark Of The Beast Revealed

Mankind has been deceived!Are you one of these?Be sure you are walking the narrow road that leads to heaven, and not the wide road that leads to perdition--Hell.

How to Make Buddhist Wishes

The Buddhist faith emphasizes peace and compassion, and challenges believers to free themselves from worldly desires. Consistent with these tenets, Buddhist wishes should focus on bettering the world rather than increasing personal wealth or power. Buddhist wishes are part of meditation that can tak

What is Tai Chi

What is tai chi? In this article, we will enlighten you in what tai chi is and the benefits of doing tai chi.

Facts About the Religion of Hinduism

Hinduism, also called Sanatana Dharma, is the third-largest and oldest religion in the world. Today it has nearly one billion followers. Hinduism was not discovered or created by a single founder, nor does it have a central prophet or leader. Instead the religion is based upon a way or life that

Can a Minister Lose His License?

A minister -- also known as a pastor, reverend, priest or preacher, depending on the denomination -- presides over a Christian congregation. It is possible for a minister to lose his license or be excommunicated from the Church, but this happens very rarely.

Chinese Astrology Elements and Your Life

The elements of Chinese astrology are believed to be associated with the five planets in the Solar System. The planet Mars is associated with the element of Fire, Saturn with Earth, Mercury with Water

Card Tarot

Tarot card: Tarot Fascinating Resources It is believed that the tarot is only a good attract heavenly the future, making lots of people really feel inhibited as they do not believe that the future can ...

The Glory of the Guru

Who is the Guru? What is his role in the unfolding of our inner life? Is a Guru dispensable? These are some of the questions answered in this article.

How to Write a Christian Youth Ministry Newsletter

A newsletter is a practical way to keep the youth of your church and their parents up-to-date and familiarized with the purpose of your ministry. The idea of writing a newsletter does not have to be intimidating. A newsletter is not intended to be a lengthy, profound piece, but rather a brief and en

Vision For Technology In Church

Technology enables the church to reach people and quite honestly, the lost are not flocking to church. We, as the church, reflecting Christ in our actions and attitudes, need to reach out to our community and one way to do that is by using technology, via websites, podcasts and other ways. The techn

Ministerial Associations in Illinois

Ministerial associations are designed to create fellowship among the churches in a community. The ministerial organizations across Illinois are helping their local communities through events---such as toy, food and clothing drives---political action, meetings and education. The...