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The Heart - Stronger Than Other Parts of the Body

The heart is the strongest part of our body. Though it is small and feels soft, but yet, it happens to be the strongest part of our body. It is the part of the body that contains the qualities that conquer cities; overturn mountains and make many notable achievements.

The Boston Marathon Bombing and Black Swan Theory

Until the 17th Century it was generally accepted that all swans were white. At that time, in Australia, Black Swans were unexpectedly discovered. In time unexpected events of any type came to be known casually as a Black Swan event or non-linear event. Over time a Black Swan came to be used to speci

Many Parcel Senders Are Still Not Aware Of The Benefits Of Using A Courier

The idea of sending a parcel may only come to people at particular times such as needing to send a birthday or Christmas present to a relative living overseas or perhaps you have sold an item online at eBay or any other online marketplace.These situations may be rare and so most people will follow t

The Cross of Terror or Peace

Constantine was a role model for Hitler and both used the cross to gain power and control. When one compares their behaviour and activity the nature of the Roman Emperor, who established the Roman Catholic Church, is clearly defined.

Online Donation For Children Ngo

Online donation for NGO is one of the quickest modes of contribution for a cause. Many children NGOs too have adopted this mode of charity

Russia - The United States Over Georgia

I am not sure why President Bush has so eminently took Georgia's side, right or wrong, but it doesn't look too American to do that.We have taken 50-years to make friends with Russia, and now we throw it in the garbage can because of a president from Georgia who decided to use Muscle and bu

Finally some good news about the American economy

Cranes clutter the skyline along northern Virginia is busy carapace. On Friday evening, holiday shoppers thronged Northpark centre more in Dallas Texas buying Lego and luxury soap. Tables in the bette

How to Save 100's of Dollars on Bottled Water!

In this recession it is necessary to become pennywise and in so doing you will find that you can better protect the health of your family and yourself when it comes to drinking water and at the same time save 100's of dollars when budgeting. When I read reports that toxins were not removed from

The bottom line: is hydraulic fracking really safe?

In the last few years, with the increasing demand for unique resources of energy, scientists and big companies are turning their heads and money on shale reserves, sedimentary formations that seem tom

What Is The Real Legacy of Martin Luther King?

What Americans could have understood, and should absolutely know by now, is that Martin Luther King was a Christian leader of a movement to right many wrongs here in the USA. He was the man least to be feared in his movement, and most to be respected.

Common Questions About Solar Panels as Water Heaters

To put it simply, solar electricity is the use of photovoltaic solar energy panels to convert the photon power from the sun into electrical energy. In turn, expounded electrical energy is used to prov

Gobekli Tepe and Atlantis Connection?

Gobekli Tepe is a troublesome thorn in the politically correct conceptions of the archeology community. It proves that their theories about the timing and the process of the start and the advancement

Condemning Modern Idolatry

An idol is a representation of something which we believe to be greater than ourselves. Something which holds greater importance, and on a humanistic level, is elevated above and beyond the level of greatness we observe in ourselves.So who are these idols?

Breeding Crime, Yet Killing Criminals

As the whole world is being bugged with a dangerous virus such as terrorism, armed robbery, militancy, kidnapping, etc, which is eating deep into the inner fabrics of our lives, the government, while mounting intense pressure to checkmate these ugly activities, has invariably helped to worsen the si