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Finding The Perfect Thor Halloween Costumes

Thor Halloween Costumes; This year one of the hottest movies that features a good Halloween costume to hit the silver screen this year was Thor. This movie helped to inspire many different versions of the greek god Thor costumes.

Birthday Card Ideas for Guys

Choose a perfect birthday card to accompany your gift.Birthday wish image by E.REVELES from Fotolia.comAll guys are different, with their own personalities and preferences. When birthdays come around, choosing a card can be a challenge. You may spend hours in a store's card section...

How to Build a Haunted House Experience

Haunted houses are a popular Halloween tradition. Kids and adults alike love the thrill of going through a spooky place and trying to prove they're brave by making through without being too scared. Building a haunted house experience is a lot of fun because you can be as creative as you'd like and b

Ideas for Gifts for Parents

Whatever the occasion, be it Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or an anniversary, it can be difficult to know what to buy parents. So why not give a joint present? A gift for both your parents, rather than just for Mom or Dad, gives them an experience they can share and enjoy together.

How to Make a Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume

Skeleton costumes are a classic Halloween costume choice. The costume can be made at home to save money or add a personal touch, such as glow-in-the-dark paint. The paint will also show up brightly under black lights if the costume is worn to a club or party with black lights, or to a haunted house

Top 5 Unique Christmas Gifts For This Christmas

The Christmas holiday is more a tradition than a holiday celebration nowadays. People add more fresh ideas for a special Christmas day with unique gifts every time. It is reported that most of the people are tired of sending the same Christmas gifts every year to others.

Throwing a Mardi Gras Banquet

Literally called "Fat Tuesday," Mardi Gras was originally a reason to pig out. In Medieval times, Catholics did not eat cook with fat or sugar or eat rich foods during Lent, so Mardi Gras was their last hurray before the Lenten fast began. Today, Mardi Gras banquets typically feature fiery

How to Make a Pirate Crew Member Costume

Pirate costumes aren't so much made as they are assembled with the right kind of clothing augmented with a few bits of arts and crafts to give them the precise look. Costumes for pirate crew members are much easier to put together than those for pirate captains because they involve fewer elements, a

Vietnamese Christian Gifts

Give a friend who is Vietnamese and Christian a special gift reflecting faith and culture.many candles image by JoLin from Fotolia.comVietnam has a Communist government, and Christianity is seen as a religion that threatens the government's authority. In 2010 about 8 million Christians...

How to Enjoy Your Holiday in Disney

The Walt Disney World is a great place for spending your Christmas holidays and indeed the New Year's Eve as well. If you are one of those who do this kind of thing, then there are only several things that can make life easier for you at this holiday resort. Here are the 7 tips that will enable

Ideas for Graduation Announcements

Etiquette dictates that parents should send formal graduation announcements when their child graduates. Many people no longer follow this rule; however, it is still a well-appreciated gesture. The announcements can also be saved as a keepsake or glued in a scrapbook for sentimental purposes.

How to Do Creepy Doll Makeup

Few things are quite as unsettling as creepy dolls. Filmmakers have been including them in horror movies for decades, and they always get screams at a haunted house. You can create a creepy doll makeup with the contents of your normal makeup bag, with one or two additional items thrown in. When the

Show Your Passion In A Senorita Costume

There is nothing more passionate than a matador fighting off a bull or a feisty dancer doing the flamenco in the streets of Madrid or Barcelona. Ladies, if you want to pull the great, traditional fashion sense of the Spanish people, you should really get a Senorita costume set.

Girls Pajama Party Birthday Ideas

Pajama parties are a fun way to celebrate girls' birthdays no matter what the age. This kind of party can be informal group sleepovers or can involve fun pillow fights and organized games. Slumber parties are easy to throw on a budget, and you can incorporate your own food, invitations, and theme ch

Donating Gifts During Christmas Season

Christmas, as every knows, is the season of giving, but in the drive to buy gifts for friends and family, the giving spirit to the less-fortunate can be forgotten or lost.An important part of Christmas is making sure that we save at least a gift or two to make sure that someone else can have a wonde

Rules & Limitations for Family Gifting

Giving and receiving gifts is fun for the whole image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comFamily gifting is a great way to let loved ones know you care during the holiday season. Many families participate in a gift exchange to ensure that everyone receives a present and to cut...

The Top 10 Best 80th Birthday Gifts

Turning 80 is a big deal. While flowers and chocolates are gifts many will appreciate, the 80th birthday is an ideal time to reflect on the growing family or indulge in TV shows of yesteryear. Take the time to find out what the recipient could use around the house and what kind of things or activiti

Halloween Superhero Costume Ideas

With the release of some of the most amazing Superhero action films in recent years it should be no surprise that when it comes to finding an outfit for celebrating Halloween that superhero costume ideas are very popular and why not? With the emphasis on anything goes it is so easy to be any number

Christmas Gifts - How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Present

With so many people on your Christmas gift-buying list this year, it may be difficult to find the perfect present for everyone. After all, who really knows what your children's bus driver, schoolteacher and Scout leaders really want, not to mention your mother-in-law, preteen and spouse!

Free Yourself From The Holiday Frenzy With Fresh Ideas For Sustainable Giving

Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year's, Americans produce more than 1 million tons of additional garbage per week? Not just an environmentalist's nightmare, this consumer frenzy is damaging our planet at an increasingly alarming pace. I recently read a particularly disturbin