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Master Digital Infrared Photography With Your Nikon Digital SLR

The Nikon D70 SLR is ideally suited to Digital Infrared Photography mainly due to the power of its custom settings. I'm going to take a few moments to show you what camera settings I use for my digital infrared photos and hopefully help you get the best results from your Nikon digital SLR.

How to Make a Scrapbook Diary

"Scrap-booking" is a hobby that is growing in popularity. Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve important memories and pictures in a beautiful way that can be preserved for generations. And, you needn't wait to accumulate enough mementos for one particular theme to fill a book: why not put your sc

Digital Camera - Capture Your Memories

If you like taking sharp and clear pictures on the go, digital camera is the best solution. They are easy to use and quite affordable. The best part is that you can see the pictures instantly and edit, store or delete them.

Difference Between Film and Digital Photography

Everyone tries to adapt and go digital. There are those that buy the newest and the most advanced gadgets each and every time. There are those who love to experiment with the old and the new depending on their requirements. And there are those who would still prefer the analog and are not yet satisf

Wildlife Photography With a Digital Camera

Taking pictures of wildlife is really interesting and at the same time challenging too since most of the time the animals won't be in a position in which you really want them to be in. Moreover, it is often very difficult to capture a clear picture of a moving animal.

Amazing Digital Photo Tips You Cannot Miss

Looking for ways to improve the quality of you digital photos? Read the tips below to find out that taking professional quality pictures are easier than you thought.

The Secrets of Making Video Editing Professional

A professional video editing is a subject which needs a lot of practice on behalf of a photographer. It is difficult to define the term 'professional video editing' as it can be understood when you notice a lack of it in a video.

Searching For a Wedding Photographer

When wanting to find a shortlist of wedding photographers in your local area there are many search methods you could choose to employ. The three main methods are:

Antique Cameras

Antique cameras are of great demand and attract many photographers.They are hand crafted using materials such as metal, plastic, brass, polished, wood,and leather. They can be traced from as early as 1939 and give an important information about the technology used.

Wedding Photography Yorkshire

Just like elsewhere in the world, wedding photography in Yorkshire is an important part of the wedding; especially when you are planning on being married there. You see, while you can get any photographer to ...

How to Improve Your Underwater Photography With Canon Compact Digital Cameras

Shooting great underwater photos is not really hard if you get yourself the right digital camera. There are unique cameras which are specially designed to suit the underwater environment. Besides diving in the deep sea, you will be able to snap nice photos with all the wonderful creatures in the dee

Tokina 80-400 Zoom Lens - The Long Telephoto Lens

Today we're going to look at the Tokina 80-400 lens. While I'm certainly not a professional photographer, or the best of amateur photographers, I do like to use quality equipment to take my pictures, and I've found that Tokina makes among the best lenses for the money that you can fin

How to Get a Release for Nude Photographs

Marketing your work can be one of the most gratifying aspects of your photography experience, but it can also be labor intensive. In nude photography it is especially important you have the appropriate permission from your models in the form of a model release that states how the photographs may be

Hassle-Free Camera Lens Rental Accomplished Online

Photography is an art and effective photography cannot be done by everyone. It can only be done by the professional photographers and the people who love photography and have a good idea about effective photography. ...