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Why Are You Not Eating More Herbs?

It gets monotonous to be told time and time again that if you eat properly, meaning having the right kind of food, you are helping your immune system to keep you healthy and fight the aging process. If you stop and think for a moment, the only way to maintain a healthy body is by preventing the atta

Natural Cleansers for the Colon

The body needs regular bowel movements to ensure a healthy system. If your body is not having bowel movement every day, it may be a sign of a severe health problem. Our bodies have not ...

Fat or Sugar?

We know we should avoid excess fats, and we know we should avoid excess sugar. In the manufacturing of food products, if you take out one, the product is compensated with more of the other. Which is the lesser of two evils?

Epidemic Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is a hot topic in both conventional and alternative medicine. Many health organizations have identified low levels of vitamin D as a "health crisis emergency" and are urging that everything possible be done to ensure everyone achieves optimal vitamin D status.

About Rachel Ray and Her Cooking of Healthy Recipes on Her Show

Rachel Ray is one of the well respected and most adored TV personalities in our modern times today. This is because of three reasons: her terrific talent in hosting; her intelligence in writing; and most of all, her passion for cooking. Hence, we can say that among the female hosts that we have nowa

Exactly how do I eat on a gluten free diet

Studies mention that at least 1 in every 133 Americans is experiencing coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. People with this condition cannot ingest ingredients which contain gluten, because the lin

Discover Why Fish Oil For Children Really Does Feed Their Brains

It is often said to children to eat their fish as it is brain food, and there is more truth in that than you would have thought. Nowadays we can get good levels of the important oils found in fish into the children through supplements, however it is a specific kind of fish oil for children that is n

Hgh Complex Spray

An HGH spray is a collection of various proteins that helps your body start to produce greater levels of the beneficial human growth hormone. It is available to order on the Internet, and has a 90 day money back guarantee.

7 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Do you suffer with a sluggish metabolism? Would you like to learn how to speed up your metabolsim. Learn 7 tips to do just that in this article.

It's All in the Food - Endometriosis and Vegan Diet

There is a great connection between endometriosis and the vegan diet. The treatment of endometriosis must take into account the relief of symptoms as well as the underlying causes. In this case, the balance of the hormones progesterone and estrogen must be done.

Like Your Tea Sweet? Add Honey Instead of Sugar

Most people think of honey as the sweet, sticky stuff you put on toast or drop into hot tea, but in recent years, researchers have been exploring its potential and health benefits in other ways.

Heart Patient Diet - What Foods Must I Cut From My Diet?

There is a silent killer in today's world. It has reached epidemic proportions and you do not know if you have it until you have an issue like heart attack or stroke. The killer is known as heart disease and it is affecting millions of people every year. This is causing people to have open hear

Healthy & Fit Diet For Professionals

In these busy days we really forget or do not have the time to even think about what we eat is right for us or not. A few of us are really concious about what we shold eat and what is the right choice of food for us. Here I have tried to give some helpful tips for all those who get busy with your wo

Batidos De Proteinas

Herbalife's supplement range includes protein shakes, protein snack food items, nutrition, energy and fitness supplements and personal maintenance systems.

What Are Antioxidants Anyway?

I found this to be a good explanation to begin with:Written by Gloria Tsang, RDPublished in Dec 2005; Updated in Aug 2007"What are Antioxidants? Benefits of AntioxidantsAntioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our bod

Junk Food - 5 Healthy and Delicious Substitutes

It's hard to avoid it. Fast-food restaurant are everywhere, junk food assaults us as we are checking out at the supermarket, and TV commercials are filled with ads for suboptimal "foods." Unless you have a will of iron or have been on a healthy eating plan for a long time and just are

What to Look for When Choosing Nutrition Bars

Any trip to the grocery store or convenience store will reveal the incredibly wide selection of nutrition bars that are on the market.It will also make it abundantly clear how difficult it can be to ...