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Psychological Testing and Psychological Evaluation Services - Chicago

Psycholegal & Clinical Assessment Services is based in the Chicago area and offers Psychological Evaluation Services throughout Illinois, Georgia, and Kansas. Psychological testing is offered in the following areas: * Diagnostic Psychological Evaluations * Cognitive ...

Using Herbs To Treat Depression

Throughout the history of medicine, man has always used herbs. Along with health issues, herbs has also been used to treat mental issues such as depression. In fact, many of these modern day medicines are ...

Passion Foods

The belief that certain foods enhance libido --- or increase fertility --- is rooted in ancient history. Greek, Roman and Egyptian scholars wrote of the stimulating properties of various foods and aphrodisiacs frequently featured in mythology and folk lore. While there is scant scientific evidence t

Memory Improvement Techniques - Why Brain Training is So Important

If you're one of the millions of people who want to improve your memory, there's good news and bad news as the old saying goes. First the good news. There are hundreds of memory improvement games, courses, and audio tapes on the market. But here's the bad news...

Effective and Easy to Implement Cures For Depression

There are many and varied cures for depression now available to us today. They range from cognitive behavioural therapy, to anti-depressant medicine, to new self-help techniques that don't necessitate either therapy or drugs. So which ...

ADHD and Anger: Is Your Anger Getting In Your Way?

One of the hallmark symptoms of ADD is the struggle with managing emotions, such as anger. The key challenge for many with ADD is being able to inhibit your response in the moment. While your brain's wiring may lead to being easily flooded with emotions, taking a step back can help you craft th

How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

If you are not sleeping as well as you used to, or you would like to, there are some steps you can take to change that. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or both, try these tips to get a better night's sleep.

How to Stop a Virus From Replicating

Viruses are dangerous in part because of the limited ability to halt their replication. Bacteria may be kept in check with antibiotics, but viruses continue to allude the prowess of modern medical science. Research continues, however, toward the development of drugs that can stop viruses by interrup

Can people Stop Using Drugs For Anxiety and Depression?

As people today become better informed and more health conscious, they ask: can people stop using drugs to treat anxiety and depression? As they seek an answer to this question, they learn more about alternative ...

Bipolar Diagnosis Controversy

A recent article in The Boston Globe highlights the controversy surrounding the explosion in bipolar diagnoses in children and teens. In my own experience, I have only seen very few patients who actually meet the traditional criteria for bipolar disorder. And in children and teens, I am even more ca

Sex Addiction Stereotypes

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding sex addiction. This addiction is not widely discussed or very well understood by the general public and that is why there are so many stereotypes.

Increase Energy Levels and Stamina With Powerful Health

In today's busy society, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, ineffective, and fatigued. Looking at the way young children run, jump, and go through their day with such enthusiasm, many adults have wished for the energy levels and vigor of youth.

Your Health - Do You Create It?

The mind is only creative, and its ability to create is far greater than most people imagine.New studies in the field of quantum physics have demonstrated this to be true.While thoughts alone do not always have sufficient power to bring about radical physical changes, when you back up your thoughts

Dealing With Kleptomania

Stealing is very rampant today in our society. This is due to needs not obtain because of the lack of resources due to the very low standard of living of that certain person in the society.

The Value of Psychotherapy

I have recently set up a new practice as a Psychotherapist which led to a discussion with my partner in the practice as to our fees. This in turn led to thoughts about how to value our work. My partner had listened to webinar on marketing that had discussed different types of customers and the impor

Early Detection of Baby Sex

History and lore hold numerous examples of women being told that they would bear a child of a specific gender (usually a boy). Up until recently, however, being able to detect a baby's sex before birth, has strictly been a matter of trial and error (mostly error). It is now possible to correctly det