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American Beauty Climbing Roses

American Beauty climbing rose is a once-blooming variety. Unlike roses that bloom repeatedly, once-blooming roses usually have only one bloom period per year. American Beauty CL makes the most of its single flowering period, however, putting out an impressive mass of fragrant, large flowers. Introdu

Wax Leaf Ligustrum Shrubs

Commonly used in the home garden as small trees or shrubs well-suited for hedges, wax leaf ligustrums are evergreens that go by many names, including Japanese privet, wax leaf privet and the scientific name Ligustrum japonicum. Though they are known for a resistance to pests, they are not immune. Ex

Fun Facts About Persimmons

Persimmon is an attractive tree with nutritional, sweet, autumn-ripening fruit that has been an old-fashioned favorite for homeowners in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 11, depending on the variety. Persimmon trees fall into two distinct categories: nonastringent, which can

Definition of Soil Organic Matter

Organic matter in soil fulfills many vital functions. It provides food for growing plants, helps prevent erosion, increases moisture absorption and improves the quality of air and water. By paying attention to the amount of organic matter in soil, gardeners and farmers can directly influence the qua

What Works Better to Keep Apples From Molding?

You can store apples for months if you take the proper steps to keep them from molding. Traditionally apples were stored over the winter, but you can store them any time of the year. The key is to choose, handle, separate and store your apples properly. Not all apples are able to be stored, but the

Virginia Leaf Identification

The leaves of Virginia's many species of trees can be identified by looking at specific features such as their size, veins, stems, colors and shapes. While most of the trees in the state are deciduous, several types are evergreen.

Freesia Growing Zones

Freesias produce brilliantly colored, delicate-looking sprays of fragrant small flowers. Flowering in late spring or early summer, freesias are zygomorphic, which means flowers grow only on one side of the stem, in one geometric plane. They come in many colors and color patterns, including single- a

How to Dry Fennel Leaves

Fennel is a versatile herb -- all parts of the plant are edible, including the bulb, seeds and leaves. It contains vitamin C, iron, calcium and folate, according to Farm Spot. Try grilling or sauteing the bulb and add dried fennel leaves to your salads, stews and fish dishes. Add fennel seeds to dis

Aloe Vera Plant Usage & Care

Aloe vera originated in Africa more than 6,000 years ago. There are approximately 180 species of this succulent. Although typically an indoor plant, it can be grown outdoors in areas where there is little chance of frost.

What Is Oilcloth Fabric?

Oilcloth is a type of durable fabric that was made originally to provide a clean, waterproof cloth that could be used for picnics or tables. This cloth was thicker than traditional tablecloths, but also tended to be more simple and less expensive than high quality linens, without the need to avoid s

Common Plants in Lake Monroe, Florida

The red maple tree grows in Lake Monroe, maple tree image by Giovanni Aquaro from Fotolia.comLake Monroe is located in central Florida and is one of the lakes located inside the Lake Monroe Watershed (drainage basin), part of St. Johns River. It lies between Seminole and...

What Does it Mean to Pinch Back Flowers?

Deadheading, pinching back, cutting back and dead leafing are all types of maintenance done on perennial flowers. Pinching back is not necessary for flowering plant growth but can benefit certain types of flowers.

Crops That Grow Well in Clay Soil

Many vegetable crops grow in clay vegetables image by Kristina Cilia from Fotolia.comClay soils, which are heavier than other type soils, retain water very well, sometimes too well for some garden plants. Some crops thrive and grow well even in heavy clay soils, while others...

How to Grow Sapodilla

Sapodilla (Manikara zapota), a tropical fruit tree native to Mexico and Central America, grows well throughout frost-free regions of the United States. The evergreen tree grows slowly, reaching 100 feet tall at maturity. Plants have an upright habit with glossy, green foliage growing to 5 inches lon

Open-Pollinated Flower Seeds

Open-pollinated plants are pollinated naturally by birds, bugs or wind, and then produce seeds that grow into plants true to the same type as their parent plants. Open-pollination flowers include many herbs and wildflowers, as well as heirloom varieties that were popular in gardens before the 1950s

How to Grow Wheatgrass Inside

Growing wheat grass is simple and requires only a few items and steps. Wheat grass grows rapidly, and you will have a crop ready to harvest in six to 10 days. You can use the wheat grass on your salads and soups. Wheat grass contains many nutrients and traces of potassium. Plant your seeds at interv

How to Fertilize Strawberry Plants in the Spring

Whether you grow a whole bed of strawberries or just a few potted plants, replenishing the soil nutrients each spring ensures the strawberries remain productive every year. New plants require fertilization both at spring planting and a second application later in the spring, while existing plants be

Summer Flowering Bushes

The hot, lazy days of summer are a little cooler with bright, colorful flowers blooming in the landscape. A variety of heights and widths are available to fit almost any space around your home. Summer-flowering bushes can brighten a shady spot or make a sunny area pop with color.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tomato Cages on Plants?

Tomatoes -- with their lush foliage, trailing vines and juicy, fruit harvests -- are a staple of the backyard vegetable garden during summer. Tomatoes require bright sun, rich soil and structural support. All tomatoes grow on vines, whether determinate and indeterminate varieties, and require suppor