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How to Remove Spray Paint From a Rock

Spray paint on rocks is sometimes difficult, although not impossible, to remove. If the rock is porous, you'll need to do a lot more scrubbing after using the appropriate removal product. If the rock is decorative and has been polished, removal is easier. No matter the rock, many products have been

How to Remove Dried Gorilla Glue From Cloth

Gorilla Glue is popular because it sticks to anything and doesn't let go. This is great when you are using it for a project, but terrible when you get it on your clothes or home decor fabrics. The Gorilla Glue website states that Gorilla Glue cannot be removed from clothes and that it is best to dis

Sublimation Coatings Instructions

Sublimation coatings are clear, paint-like coatings made by Digi-Coat that can be applied to virtually any surface, making that surface into a sublimatable substrate. In this process, it allows an image to be transferred to any type of product or surface that has been covered with the coating. Subli

Removing Graffiti From Wood

While some people consider graffiti an art form, most – including law enforcement – consider it vandalism. Successful removal of graffiti depends on the type of surface, the medium used to create the graffiti and how quickly it is treated. Removing graffiti on wood can be especially chal

How to Remove Paint Overspray From Plastic

Paint overspray can land on plastic sheeting if the plastic is used to cover areas that you do not want to come into contact with paint. For instance, when painting a car you use a plastic sheet to cover the floor or items in close proximity. Paint hardens the plastic and makes it harder to work wit

How to Install an Acrylic Tub

Acrylic tubs can be free-standing or supported by a wall in the room. There are many different designs and colors available. This type of tub is one of the easiest styles to install on your own to save money.

Artificial Ice Components

Artificial ice can be made three different ways.Ice image by oruanka from Fotolia.comArtificial ice does not necessarily mean that the ice is completely synthetic, but rather that ice forms from unusual methods, such as chemical reactions. Artificial ice can be formed in a few different...

How to Clean Inside Unfinished Wood Drawers

Unfinished wood drawers have not been coated, sealed or finished. These can be found in dressers, lingerie chests, jewelry dressers, kitchens and bathrooms. Unfinished wood absorbs water and other liquids easier than finished or sealed woods. Therefore, when cleaning unfinished wood, harsh chemical

How to Clean Old Baking Pans

If elbow grease, steel wool and a long soak in soapy water isn't getting your old baking pans clean, they need some extra-strength help. Luckily, that doesn't mean you have to use harsh chemicals with fumes that make you cough. In fact, chances are good that you may already have just the thing in yo

Help With How to Get a Big Black Ink Stain out of a White Cotton Dress

There's no laundry mishap worse than a big black ink stain on a white cotton dress. The natural cotton fibers eagerly soak up the black pigment, causing the black spot to spread further. Although your natural inclination may be to wipe the stain aggressively, this only makes it worse. You can get a

How to Remove White Wine Stains

Most people stress out about red wine stains so you'd think white wine stains were no big deal. After all, they blend right in with most things. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and white wine stains left unattended can alter the appearance of your clothing, upholstery or carpet. While you

How to Get Out Chili Stains

Chili is a delicious comfort food that can be made to satisfy anyone's palate from vegetarians to meat lovers, spice enthusiasts to those who enjoy a more mild flavor. While chili can hit the spot when hunger strikes, it can also hit your clothing, leaving behind red, greasy stains that can look nex

Detergent Treatment for Aphids

One day you have a beautifully flourishing garden, with rapidly growing herbs and broad green leaves. The next day you kneel down and notice that the plant stems and underside of your leaves are covered with tiny insects. Aphids, soft-bodied and fast-reproducing insects, are a very common plant infe

How to Get Rid of Kitchen Odors

Cooking is one of the chores or joys of living, depending on your perspective. One of the problems with cooking is the buildup of kitchen odors. You don't want your whole house having a strange smell because of kitchen odors that have accumulated. How do you get rid of those unwanted and undesirable

How to Make Your Own Enzyme Cleaner

Safe and natural alternatives to harsh household cleaners usually require a lot of hard work and strenuous scrubbing to match the effectiveness of chemical cleaners. For many people the work involved with using a natural cleaner simply isn't worth it, and they opt to use chemicals, which fill their

How to Change the Battery in a Swiffer

The Swiffer has improved the dreaded task of mopping the floors. You no longer need to drag out the dirty mop and the sloshing bucket full of hot, dirty water. Just pull out the Swiffer all-in-one mopping system, slap on a disposable mopping pad, spray the dirty floor, and mop away. It is that quick

How to Clean the Lint Filter on a Washer

Most people are familiar with lint filters on dryers, but few know that a washing machine may also come equipped with its own lint filter. Lint is often the culprit of septic system failure if it hasn't been properly collected by a lint filter because it causes the drain to clog. Many newer washing

How to Make Window Cleaner Solution

Window cleaning is an easy task when done properly. You do have the option of buying a commercial window cleaning product, such as the well-known blue spray; however, you can also make an effective window cleaning solution on your own. Use common household products to clean your windows effectively

How to Clean a Gummy Wax Build-Up on a White Kitchen Floor

For many types of vinyl and linoleum floors, regular waxing is needed to bring out their shine and protect them from wear. At least once a year you have to remove built-up wax from linoleum or vinyl flooring, especially in lower-traffic areas where wax doesn't get worn away as quickly. Built-up wax

How to Remove Marker From an Album Cover

Collectors are looking for their album covers to be in as close to mint condition as possible. Even something as small as an ink or marker spot can lower the value significantly. If the album cover is laminated or coated, there's a possibility the ink or marker can be safely removed. If the album co