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How to Apply Polyurethane to Stained Wood

Polyurethane is applied to painted or stained surfaces to protect the wood or finish. It goes on wet, but leaves a strong sealed surface when dry. Applying polyurethane over stained wood is crucial to protect the stain and wood from damage and give the finish an attractive shine and richer color. Po

How to Fix Mold in Drywall

Mold in drywall can be a serious health and structural hazard, resulting in sickness and even death. Repairing it is crucial to good home maintenance and safety. It's not enough to simply spray bleach on the problem to keep it maintained, because, in most cases, drywall that is displaying mold is wo

The Dimensions of Fridges

Refrigeration evolved from storing perishable food in cold streams and caves to wood cabinets chilled with ice blocks. Today's modern, electric refrigerator is more environmentally friendly than earlier freon-containing models, and models are constantly being developed for more efficient energy cons

What Causes Buckled Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are found throughout homes everywhere because of their durability, beauty and the wide selection of styles available to builders. But the hardwood floor is not without its problems. One of the most serious problems with wood is buckling, which is when the floors actually bend upward

How to Kill Bees in the Attic

Bees, whether they be honey bees or yellow jackets, can find their way into a home and set up shop in a warm, covered area. One of the spots these bees will often construct their hive in is an attic. The bee's nest will only be active during the warm spring and summer months, but this is plenty of t

Is There a Way to Check for Mildew in Your Home?

Mildew is a fungus found in warm, damp and shady places. The microscopic spores of mildew can be carried virtually anywhere by the wind. When they land on a particular surface, they can grow on it by either feeding on the dirt accumulated on the surface or consuming the surface itself. Mildew can li

Traditional Hardwood Floors

Traditional hardwood floors, also known as classic hardwood and solid hardwood, are floors constructed of solid wood planks. Solid hardwood offers clients the option of highly customizing their flooring, versus using engineered or longstrip hardwood, which have fewer customization options. Properly

How to Build a Porch on Your Mobile Home

To expand their exterior living space, owners of mobile homes should consider building a porch. Mobile home porches, however, must be built a little differently than those constructed for site-built homes. The difference is in how the new deck is attached (or in this case not attached) to the home.

How to Redo Your Hardwood Floors: Step by Step

Many home and property owners enjoy the luster of the wood in hardwood flooring but, after time, the wood may lose that luster and be in need of refinishing. Redoing hardwood floors is a tedious and time-consuming undertaking that many people still choose to do themselves in an effort to save money.

Fun Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom can be that one-of-a-kind room full of spunk that is the topic of conversation among your friends, even through inexpensive decorating ideas that can be accomplished in no time.

Underlayment and Backerboards for Granite Floor Tile

Laying granite flooring can add a great deal of value to your home. Outside of its durability, it is also one of the most beautiful types of tile. It is also relatively simple to install. There are some instances where you may need to use underlayment when installing your granite flooring.

How to Remove Children's Bubble Fluid From the Carpet

Most young children are delighted to blow bubbles. Since youngsters are also prone to spills, you may find bubble liquid spilled on your carpet. Most bubble-blowing liquids are composed of water, glycerin and soap. If left on your carpet, this mixture will dry and leave a sticky residue. This residu

How to Use Porcelain Tile for a Kitchen Countertop

Natural stone such as travertine or marble looks gorgeous on your kitchen counters. It is also very easy to stain. The porous nature of such stone makes it vulnerable to stains and hot pans. One way to get both a beautiful material and something that will look good for years is to purchase porcelain

How to Make Wagon Wheels From Landscape Timbers

Wagon wheels made from landscape timbers make a great decorative item for indoor or garden decoration purposes. With a little knowledge, some basic tools and common landscape timber pieces, a basic wagon wheel can be made for decorative use. When you finish this 16 inch diameter project, you will h

How to Clean Vinyl Window Panes

Vinyl windows are an attractive and efficient replacement for traditional windows. They can be crafted to match most any architectural style, thus becoming a popular home improvement project. Caring for vinyl windows is a bit different than caring for other windows. Abrasive products should never be

How to Optimize Pantry Shelving

To get the most out of your pantry shelving you need to organize it. Whether you like to cook or just do it to survive, cooking will be much easier when you optimize your pantry shelving to make it easier to store and find your kitchen essentials.

How to Take Glass Out of Vinyl Windows

No matter how cautious you are, there are times when glass windowpanes chip, crack or break. Even if the window sash succeeds in holding the pieces in place, the damaged glass can still pose a hazard until removed. Removing the pane however, requires removing the window sash. For a vinyl window, the

How to Remove Silicone Caulk From a Shower

Silicone caulking is used in showers to seal the gaps in each corner where two tiled walls come together, between the bathtub and the base of the tiled wall, and to seal the shower door frame. It is used to keep water from entering behind the tile and rotting the wall that it is attached to and to k

How to Install a Multiple-Piece Bathroom Shower

Multiple-piece bathroom showers are designed to ease shower installation in homes where there is limited space. If your shower is in a tight corner in a small bathroom, having two or more smaller pieces will be easier to fit in the space than a single large piece. They are also easy to maneuver thro

Can I Apply Glaze Over Regular Paint?

Adding a glaze over a painted surface is a way to change the look of a room or a piece of furniture without completely repainting. Glazes form a translucent coat that lets the existing paint color shine through, but adds depth and interest. Use glazes to give furniture an antique look, or glaze a wa