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About Gophers

Gophers, also known as pocket gophers, are a species of small mammals that burrow in the soil and eat vegetation, sometimes making a nuisance of themselves. Gophers possess cheek pouches, or "pockets," that allow them to carry away food. Gophers are found throughout the western portions of North Ame

The Drawbacks of Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws are useful tools when you need to cut up your wooden or metal craft projects quickly and efficiently. However, the saws can encounter problems before, during and after usage. Identify these problems so you can learn to either work around or fix them before you get back to your wor

How to Router a Board

A router is a very versatile power tool that can be used to perform many tasks that will enhance your woodworking skills. The router comes with a wide assortment of bits that when put in place, will produce all sorts of interesting cuts that will improve your finished product. One of the most basic

What Is a Chemical Formula?

A chemical formula is a representation of the elements in a molecule. Although the word "formula" connotes an equation, chemical formula are not to be confused with chemical equations, which describe multiple molecules at once.

How to Make an Abe Lincoln Beard for a Kid's Costume

When it is dress up time for Halloween, the school performance or just imaginative play at home, costumes and accessories can help spark your child's imagination and get him into character. If your child wants a President Abraham Lincoln costume, one key parts is the black beard he wore.

How to Calculate Phase Angle From Voltages

The concept of a phasor is crucial in the understanding and analysis of alternating current (AC) circuits. In the analysis of circuits, a phasor is a mathematical tool that is used to describe a time-varying current or voltage using the amplitude, frequency and phase angle of the physical quantity.

What Are Rain Gauges Used For?

Society has recorded and measured rainfall for at least 500 years, but it is likely this practice goes back much further. Rain gauges are a simplistic and relatively accurate tool to measure the amount of rainfall in an area for professional and amateur meteorologists alike. The data from rain gauge

How to Convert GAAP Statements to Foreign

Whether it is for the financial statements of a subsidiary, or to compare performance against a foreign competitor, there will come a time in every Accountant's life where financial statements need to be prepared in accordance with non-U.S.Accounting Standards. As markets continue to globalize and s

How to Make Bunsen Burners

Bunsen burners are small liquid fueled sources of heat. Though typically found in a high school class room, they are also used as cooking devices on camping trips. Though it is easier to buy cans of Sterno or other cooking fuel devices, it is much cheaper to build your own burners. These are typical

The Parts of a Pulley

The three parts of a pulley are the hub (or boss), the arms (or spokes) and the rim. Cheeks (side plates) prevent lateral motion of the hub and catch the tackle (rope, string or chain) if it disengages from the pulley rim. The hub may be mounted on a shaft using a key, splines or a set screw.

What Is Venetian Turpentine?

Turpentine is a fluid distilled from the resin of trees, typically those of the pine variety. It is most often used as a solvent, in paint thinners and cleaning products, but also as a varnish and as part of other organic compounds. Venetian turpentine is made from a specific type of plant and has a

How to Make Paper Flower Models

When teaching elementary school children about flower anatomy, it can be difficult for them to fully understand what the inside of a flower looks like without seeing a visual representation, such as a model. Although you can buy a flower model from a school supply company, they are often expensive.

How to Make Coins on "FIFA 10 Ultimate Team"

"Ultimate Team" is an expansion pack for several "FIFA" games made by EA. It allows players to create custom teams by buying and trading cards that represent players, contracts and attribute boosts. Coins are normally earned over the course of the game, but attentive players can

Igniters Vs. Glow Plugs

Getting your RC airplane off of the ground requires an engine. For a nonelectric RC airplane, you have the choice between one that uses gasoline and one that uses RC nitro fuel. Besides the differences between the types of fuel, the starting systems for the engines are also different: a gasoline eng

How to Test the Strength of an Electromagnet

Electromagnets work by converting an electrical current into a magnetic field. The stronger the current passed through the electromagnet's coils, the stronger the magnetic field they will produce and the greater the force they will exert on most metal objects. You can take advantage of the magnet's

How to Use a Jointer Plane

A jointer plane is a long hand plane used for smoothing and straightening the edges of wooden boards. Using a jointer plane can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a new wood worker. Unless the jointer plane, also called a number seven, is properly set up, getting even acceptable results

How to Place Wood in a Mitre Box

It might seem simple to cut miters. But if you don't follow a few basic principles you won't get good results with a hand-operated miter box. And with all the differing profiles of molding, one size does not fit all. The correct positioning of the initial cut on a work piece is critical to get good,