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Should You Ask Your Doctor about Natural Remedies?

Should a person who wants to try natural healing remedies ask their doctor about natural healing? While most people would not hesitate to consult a doctor about natural remedies, there are some who are skeptical ...

Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Cancer

Complementary and alternative medicine includes a broad range of therapies physicians can enlist along with or instead of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy to treat a patient diagnosed with cancer. While traditional cancer treatment focuses on removing, shrinking or halting the growt

Healing Back Pain Through Alternative Medicine

A number of alternative treatments are available that may help ease symptoms of back pain. Always discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor before starting any new alternative therapy

3 Top Tips To Prevent Snoring At Night Naturally

It seems that more and more people are affected by snoring these days. And more and more are looking for natural ways to stop snoring. So here are 3 simple natural tips to prevent snoring at night from ruining your health and relationship.

So What is Organic?

We scan the supermarket and health food store shelves and find there is a huge range of products on our shelves that claim to be all natural andorganic, but are they?

65% Autistic Children Found To Have Mitochondrial Disorder

At an American Academy of Neurology meeting last month it was revealed in a recent research paper, see below, that 65% of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders assessed were found to have mitochondrial disorder (MtD) ...

The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

The hemorrhoids, piles, hemeroids or emerods (emeroids) the way they used to call them in the past are the different terms that belong to the same disease. Hemorrhoids are swelling of varicose veins that develop ...

An introduction to Surgical Instruments

As modern science invented several devices to rescue human being in the time of difficulties. Medical science made rapid progress with the help of latest technologies made various surgical instruments

Coping With Cold Sores, Naturally

Acclaimed health and fitness author provides a simple, yet comprehensive look at natural aternatives for dealing with cold sores and the HSV-1 virus.

Golf And Low Back Pain

About half of all golfers undergo low back discomfortand about one third of professionalgolfers play injured. Massage can work efficiently at helping you recuperate from injuries and enhancing your gold game.

There's a Growing Need for Acupuncture Schools

Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medical practices are becoming increasingly more accepted in America, and the need for licensed acupuncturists is growing right along with it. Have you ever wondered how an acupuncturist learns the ...

Some Powerful Benefits of Using the EFT Tapping Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and powerful energy healing method that just about anybody can learn to let go of distressing emotions that stop them from achieving happiness and success. Explore how it can help you now.

Most Effective Natural Ways To Treat Piles Or Hemorrhoids

Ayurveda pronounce it that we form of the characteristics of the components of nature, such as earth, water, fire, air, and ether or sound.It is true too, as we finally bid farewell to this world to reach them back.

Medical Advantages Associated With Marijuana Seeds

In the field of medical sciences, Marijuana seeds considered as a miracle of natural powers that is enrich by many healthcare advantages and benefits for human beings. Numerous unfavorable medical problems eliminated or minimized by ...