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How to Deal with Clematis Wilt

Clematis wilt can cause clematis plants to go from healthy and flowering to brown and withered very quickly. It's a common fungus disease and here's what to do about it.

Over Door Shoe Rack - How to Use it to Plant Flowers

An over door shoe rack could be utilized other than just sorting out your favorite shoes. This hanging shoe organizer gives space for up to twelve flowers. An over door rack is a good idea for displaying and planting flowers. Place it on a porch column, a fence, or wherever you wish to exhibit a uni

How Much Does a Plumber Cost of plumbing

Plumbing repair rates can very from one company to another and certainly vary based upon the job. However, many people wonder about how much the plumber will charge and want to have an approximation before ...

Easy Ways to Attract More Bees to Your Garden

Every garden needs pollinators and bees are among the best. Without them there would be limited flowers and even fewer fruits and vegetables. To attract bees and other pollinators to your gardens you need to select flowers and plants that are high in nectar and pollen and plant so that they are obvi

Greenhouse Clean - Tips and Advice to Guard Against Pests

The devious nature of pests never ceases to amaze even the most experienced Victorian greenhouse owner. It would be perfectly normal to think that with necessary protocol followed rigidly and down to the very last detail, pests such as white-fly and spider mites wouldn't stand a chance. Unfortu

Perfume Your Garden and Home with Gardenias

One of my favorite plants is the large white-flowered Mystery Gardenia (gardenia jasminoides) that grows to about 5' tall and wide. The perfume-like scent adds an exotic feeling to gardens. Plus, the large white flowers show up well in moonlight when many people more likely get a chance to take

Lucky bamboo Growing Tips

Lucky bamboo is known to bring luck and positive energy to the carrier. As described by Feng Shui and Chinese traditions, the different number of executives of lucky bamboo plant brings good luck to t

Landscaping Your Roof Garden

Roof gardens have been inspired by the early Roman times when they used to have elevated rooftop adorned with beautiful plants and hanging vines. Growing plants on the roof or terrace can be really interesting ...

How to Make a Prayer Bench

Gardens and prayers have a long history of going together, dating back to the original Garden of Eden and including the many references to Jesus resting praying in gardens. A humble petitioner before the Lord might want a simple bench that fits in naturally with a garden and is simple to make. Using

Leaf Mold is an Excellent Soil Conditioner

When fall comes around there is no shortage of leaves. There is something that you can do with the leaves that will benefit your garden. Turn your leaves into a free soil conditioner.

How to Make a Trellis for Potted Plants

A potted plant trellis makes use of vertical growing space and assists upward growth, preventing vining plants from spilling over the rim of their containers. Consider building an attractive yet functional bamboo tepee trellis to support climbing houseplants. Comprised of identical bamboo poles, the

Hosta American Sweetheart

Hosta American Sweetheart is a great variegated Hosta for those sunny areas in the garden. This green and white large variegated perennial is attractive and resistant to slugs. It is a slow growing plant but well worth the wait.

How to Plant Impatiens in a Container

Impatiens are the most popular bedding plant in the United States and also are ideal for containers. The flowers of impatiens are 1 to 2 inches in diameter and are present in a wide range of colors including red, white, orange or apricot. The flowers additionally can be single, semidouble or fully d

Use Garden Compost for Great Blooms

Gardeners want great soil to grow great flowers and for this they need compost. Making garden compost is easy to do and the results are beautiful flowers on sturdy, healthy plants.

Orchid Types - Which One is Right For You?

Orchids form arguably the largest family of flowering plants. There are in excess of 30,000 species and many thousands of hybrids. There are 3 groups of orchid characterised by the environment in which they choose to grow, namely Terrestrial, Epiphyte and Lithophyte Orchids.