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How to Play Guitar For Beginners - Beginners Electric Guitar

So you want to play electric guitar? Most guitar players would agree that it's easier to pick up the basics on an acoustic guitar, but that does not suit everyone's style. Regardless of which style you choose learning guitar will take practice. Discover the basic components of the electric

Writing Song Lyrics

Writing song lyrics certainly gives you the power to potentially change the world. Whenever you hear lyrics that you can relate to, it immediately transforms you and alters your world. Just by listening carefully to many songs, you can learn all there is to know about writing song lyrics.

3 Easy Steps on How to Learn to Sing Harmony

Singing songs in harmony with a couple of friends is both rewarding and fun! This is perfect bonding moment between family members who love to sing too. The sounds and music produced in singing harmony is very pleasant to the ears. Here's how you can sing in perfect harmony with some one else.

This Holiday Season, Music Industry Should Look to Games

Ever since Napster went mainstream in 1999 (wow, a whole decade ago), the music industry - both artists and record labels - have been unable to escape the vicious tailspin caused by P2P software. Not since the incandescent light bulb left wax makers in the dark has a new technology so swiftly decima

When I Was Single

When I Was Single is a traditional Irish folksong popularized by Tommy Makem. When I Was Single is a humorous look at the difference between a courting relationship and a married one.

Is It Ideal to Enroll Under Private Vocal Teachers

If you want to learn how to sing, you can either enroll in a singing school or look for vocal teachers who conduct private classes. It is difficult to learn singing just on your own. ...

Why Study Counterpoint?

Counterpoint is the relationship of musical voices. Its a subject that has struck fear into the hearts of countless serious musicians. Here are some thoughts about why it is important to tough out the study of counterpoint.

Sara Evans

View photos taken at the Sunday, June 8, 2008 Coliseum Show at CMA Music Festival.

Classical Music Halloween Concerts of 2011

Who says classical music is boring? Taking your children to a classical music halloween performance is a great way to introduce them to classical music. Many of the 2011 halloween performances encourage children to dress in costume for prizes and candy, as well as feature other kid-friendly activiti

Know More about the History of Rock And Roll

Rock and roll has become so familiar to music lovers that very few ask about its roots or origins or how the name came about. The history of rock and roll still remains a matter of research.

How to Play a Musical Recorder

Musical recorders are simple instruments and they are inexpensive as well. This makes them popular instruments for teaching children musical fundamentals in grade school. The basic knowledge needed to play the recorder is easily learned. It only takes a few minutes to learn where your fingers go and

Piano Chord Chart - Tips to Help You Master the Piano

There are now many ways to learn how to play the piano, unlike what the conventional way of thinking seems to assume. This article highlights some useful reminders if you are self-taught, in order to help you become even more proficient with the piano.

Indian Music Vs Western Music

The Indian music characteristics are evident when you compare it with Western music. In both the systems you will find some essential differences: the Indian music is based on melody or single notes played in a given order, while the Western music is based on harmony: a group of notes known as chord