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Make Low Carb Cheesecakes Part Of Your Diet!

Keeping to any diet is always difficult and if you have been struggling to stick to one of the many popular low carbohydrate diets, then you undoubtedly have begun to feel some cravings. This is a natural result of the shock you are putting your body through. It has gotten so used to carbs after all

All Wheat Bread

A rich bread made with only whole wheat flour and a few other basic ingredients.

Ethnic Foods of Puerto Rico

Peppers, onions and garlic flavor many Puerto Rican dishes.pepper and onion image by vojvodic from Fotolia.comThe U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico is comprised of one large and several small islands in the Caribbean. The food of Puerto Rico is a mixture of Spanish, African, American and...


Sake2Me is a sparkling sake drink that is available in four flavors including Asian Pear, Ginger-Mango, Green Tea and Yuzu Citrus. These single serving bottles are ready to drink and a premium upgrade from the variety of popular malt beverages.

How to Prepare Easy-to-Make Appetizers

Whether you are planning a party, a holiday get-together or a large family dinner, appetizers are the first impression guests have of the meal or event. Prepare finger foods if your guests will be eating while mingling. You can plan appetizers that require more eating care for sit-down dinners. Bypa

Traditional Basque Tuna Stew Recipe (Marmitako)

Chunks of fresh tuna fish, potatoes, garlic and onions are the main ingredients in this tuna stew called "marmitako". A traditional dish from the Basque Country, it is a pleasant meal for fall or winter.

How to Find an Electric Food Grinder

Electric food grinders make processing meats and other foods a simple process. Electric food grinders can help to save money on homemade hamburgers, sausages and even baby food. If you are in the market to purchase an electric food grinder, it can be done by following a few steps.

How to Use a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker

Several steps are needed to create a refreshing glass of brewed iced tea. The water needs to be heated to the correct temperature. The tea must steep. The ratio of ice to brewed tea must be just right. Finally, you can take a sip. The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker takes care of all these steps for the c

How to Design Your Own Weekly Meal Planner

These days people are trying to pack more and more into their lives. The more activities that find their way onto your calendar, the less time you have for things like cooking. A menu plan can save the day---or week. With just an hour or two once a week dedicated to planning, you can cut back on fas

How to Defrost Frozen Cooked Beef

Cooked beef maintains its quality in the freezer for up to four months when stored properly in an airtight container. The same time and temperature guidelines apply to cooked beef as they do to raw beef -- keep the meat below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and use within thre

What Is Better for You, a Vegetable or Fruit?

The body needs both fruit and vegetables to be healthy.fruits at market image by .shock from Fotolia.comVegetables Are More Nutrient DenseVegetables like carrots are full of nutrients.carrots image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comIf fruit and vegetables are compared on the basis of which...

Beer and cheese: An odd pairing?

Beer and cheese may sound like a really odd combination to many of you out there, but the truth is that the relationship between the two goes way back in time. Through the middle ages in Belgium, mona

Peanut Butter Bars

These peanut butter bars are made with peanut butter, chocolate, crushed graham crackers, confectioner's sugar and butter. Cut these peanut butter bars into heart shapes for a festive touch.

Online Cake Shops Offer An Array Of Cakes And Goodies

With the development of modernization and equipment, purchasing delicious cakes from cake shop in your city has curved on the most modern pattern. No big doubt, there are some amazing advantages of online cake shops presenting cakes delivery nook and corner of the globe.

The Ultimate Solution - Part II

Our society is focused on weight goals as an appearance matter and I support that if it is a healthy incentive, however losing weight simply to look good may not be the best reason. Rather, you might want to consider maintaining a HEALTHY weight as a goal. The reason so many people fail at dieting a

Cake Decorating Tips for Teens

Your teen will love their uniquely decorated cake.birthday cake image by Julia Britvich from Fotolia.comFinding ideas for teen cake styles can be difficult. However, there are some easy ways to find out what your teen will like. Think about what they are interested in and how it can...