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How to Create a DVD MPEG Video From AVI

If you want to use an AVI to create a DVD you can play on your external DVD player, you can do this using Windows DVD Maker, which comes already loaded on computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, you will need to convert the AVI to a more compatible format like MPG before you burn it

What Is the File Extension .SYX?

MIDI, or Music Instrument Digital Interface, is a type of technology used in electronic instruments like synthesizers or electronic drums that allows the instrument to communicate with other instruments. When these instruments interact with a computer, MIDI requires the use of files, one of which us

Recording Excel Macros

Excel macros are a great way to automate frequent tasks. With the click of a button, multiple formatting, sorting and other tasks can be completed in a matter of seconds. Recording a macro in Excel is easy and can help save you valuable time. By automating tasks, you also prevent user error.

How to Convert Text Files to Excel & Add a Password

Long before the days of modern spreadsheet programs, spreadsheet data was saved in delimited text files that separated fields using a certain character or a certain number of spaces. Such delimited text formats are still used today for transmitting spreadsheet information independently of proprietar

How to Install Ativa With LightScribe

Ativa Lightscribe disc burners have the ability to burn an image on the label side of the disc. Many manufacturers supply Lightscribe firmware, which enables the computer to operate the data recording part of the drive. To use Lightscribe, you need to download a labeling application software progra

The Best Replacement Residential Windows

Replacing your home's windows can be an important, and often costly, prospect in which homeowners can plan to spend between $300 and $700 per window. The cost is increased if there are structural problems or the frames are damaged, in which case the price increases 50 to 100 percent. Whether choosin

Kodak Printer Help Service and Its Providers

Eastman Kodak Company, also known as Kodak is a leading multinational corporation that was established in 1888 by George Eastman and is presently headquartered in Rochester, New York, United States."/

How to Make Electronic Cards

Decide whether you want to send your friend a holiday card or a birthday card, which will give you an idea of which cards to look for on a particular site. Most sites have formatted cards that allow you to change a few details, but you can also create a picture card for your friend by using photo ed

How to Specify the Size of a Column in a SharePoint List

SharePoint automatically sets the width of a list column when a page is rendered. Manually adjusting the width of a list column can be accomplished using SharePoint Designer to convert the list to an XSLT Data View. An XSLT Data View is an excellent SPD feature that allows you to customize the forma

Seven Practices For A Highly Effective Architecture

As the development of IT systems is getting ever complex and the deployments do have significant business impact, cost of failure is getting high to higher. Architecture of any software system plays very crucial role in its success. This article discusses seven of time tested architectural best prac

Password Protected USB External Devices - How Protected Are They?

Password protected USB data sticks and external drives are great for keeping most other peoples noses out of your business. But depending on what you use as a software tool to keep these password protected, you may be leaving all of your private information open for some others to freely see. This c

Working on Service Software Development

Developing service software is now an industry in itself and is popularly known as Software as a Service or SaaS. It works on the principle that the software is on demand, made up of a ...

How to Change an Image to a Watermark With GIMP

A watermark is an image -- usually a name or logo -- that is superimposed on top of the image. It shows up as a pale white image, but you can still see the photo clearly beneath the image. Photographers often use a watermark on a photo to protect the photo from being stolen. GIMP is a popular image-