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System Requirements for Windows XP SP2

SP2 can be installed on most modern PCs.portable pc image by Albo from Fotolia.comMicrosoft released Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) as an improvement over the original Windows XP operating system. Service Pack 2 offers both security improvements and slight feature improvements. The...

How to Remove a Fake Bluescreen

Bluescreen, also referred to as Blue Screen of Death, is a virus that causes your computer screen to turn blue and then shut down. Soft Cop is a fake anti-virus program that displays a fake Bluescreen. The purpose of this is to scare you into purchasing the fake anti-virus program. To remove the fak

How to Force Windows to Use Different Drivers

Device drivers allow your hardware device to communicate with your operating system and other software programs. Occasionally, installing and using different drivers in Windows may provide protection against a critical security flaw in your current version and may add features and software compatibi

How to Start Windows in Safemode

Windows "Safe Mode" provides users with a troubleshooting tool when the system crashes. Safe Mode boots with limited, generic drivers, and any unneeded services are removed. You have the ability to boot with or without network services. All these options help you fix and troubleshoot a Windows machi

How to Complete a Clean Install on a PC With Windows XP Pro

A clean install of Windows XP is one whereby all information on the drive is erased, leaving you with nothing but a fresh operating system with which to work. This can be necessary after major system problems have occurred, such as hardware failure or viruses, leaving you with no feasible option but

How to Upgrade Vista From an Evaluation Copy

If your computer came with an evaluation copy of Windows Vista, it's likely that you'll want to upgrade to the full version. To activate the full version, you'll need a product key which you can get through the Microsoft website or an authorized retailer. Make sure you have an Internet connection be

Facts About Double Glazing

Double glazing is the process in which a window pane is formed by two pieces of glass that are separated by a thin space of air or gas. A drying agent ensures no moisture is present inside the unit before it is sealed airtight. The trapped air serves as an insulating layer and prevents heat loss. Do

How to Print on Windows Vista & XP

Usually, a computer user launches a program, opens a file and then prints a document when he needs a hard copy. However, if you have Windows XP or Vista installed on your computer, you can quickly print documents or files without opening the associated application or program. XP and Vista save you a

How to Use Administrative Template Files With Registry-Based Group Policy

As the systems administrator for a group of Windows computers, you have the ability to manage the machines using a group policy. The group policy you design will contain a set of system options and configurations and store them within an administrative template file, also known as an ADM. When you a

Dazzle DVC 100 Specifications

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty ImagesThe Dazzle DVC 100 DVD Recorder allows a user to create DVDs from his home movies by hooking VHS or other nondigital equipment up to the computer's USB port. Once plugged in, it can capture video footage from home movies and make video files that can...

How to Remove the Windows Recovery Console in XP SP2

Removing the Windows Recovery Console from your Windows XP SP2 system will result in losing the option to access it, even if something goes wrong with your system. So, doing so can be a risk. Regardless, removing the Recovery Console can be a viable option where you know to a reasonable degree of ce

How to Set Up a LAN Network on Windows Vista

A LAN, or Local Area Network, is a group of connected computers with shared access to information or the Internet. Vista has simplified the task of setting up a LAN by requiring little or no user configuration.

How to Reset Your TCP Stacks

Without a properly working TCP/IP stack, your computer can not communicate with other computers and servers on the Internet. All computers connected to the Internet require a TCP/IP stack that is in good working order. The TCP/IP stack can suffer from both misconfigurations and corruption from virus

Beginner's Guide on How to Zip & Unzip Files

Windows 7 comes with a compression utility that lets users zip files, reducing the file size of most file types. Zipping files not only reduces the size of files, but also places numerous files into a single file, making it easier for you to send the files to someone else via email, a file transfer

How to Boot Up From a Disk on a Windows PC

Sometimes the files required for booting a Windows computer normally can get corrupted. This can happen due to software errors, viruses or improper shutdown of the computer. You can use a boot disk to boot up the Windows computer from a disk instead of the hard drive to help fix these problems.

Rear Dormer Ideas

Choosing rear dormer windows for your home reflects a tradition in American architecture beginning in the late 17th century. The dormer window comes in many styles. A major choice for homeowners concerns hiring a carpenter to build custom dormer windows or purchasing prefabricated dormers...

How to Reinstall the Ubuntu 10.0.04 Bootloader

Ubuntu, a Linux-based, open source operating system, may be installed along with Windows to create a dual-boot system. If Windows is installed after Ubuntu, the Windows installation overwrites the Grub bootloader created by Ubuntu. Windows replaces the Grub bootloader with the standard Windows start

Uninstalling CleanSweep

CleanSweep is a utility, available from Norton, which you can use to delete unused files and programs from your system. The program is also used as a replacement for the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature. Earlier versions of the program were a standalone product, but newer versions are included wi

How Do I Stop Search Redirects?

If your browser search queries are redirecting you to unwanted and unsolicited sites, you potentially have a browser hijacker on your hands. A browser hijacker is a form of spyware that takes over your browser, redirecting you to potentially harmful sites, replacing your homepage and changing your b

How to Make a Boot Disk for STL2

The Intel STL2 is a server board for server computers. Creating a boot disk for use with your STL2 server computer is necessary to enable the computer to boot into DOS for certain troubleshooting procedures, in addition to situations where operating system files must be modified. Accomplish this by