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Can a Flu Turn Into Stomach Cancer?

It may seem an unusual question to ask as to whether flu can turn into cancer or not, but there is a certain connection between the two words, "flu" and "cancer." However, the connection may be a little misleading for most.

Mesothelioma Cancer - An Overview

Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos without sufficient protection over ones mouth and nose.Asbestos is a fibrous mineral which was discovered in the 1860s but not properly used until the 1930s.

Lung Cancer Screening: Common Ground and Differences

Lung cancer screening has been shown to save lives but there are concerns about risk of radiation overdiagnosis bias, proportion of false positives and cost benefit analysis. What is the bottom line?

How to Prevent Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which begins in skin cells called melanocytes. The purpose of melanocytes is to produce melanin, which gives color to our skin, hair, and parts of our eyes. Melanoma skin cancer occurs when melanocytes start to grow abnormally and invade surrounding tissues. Accordi

Stage 2 Lymphoma

Lymphoma is the term for a group of blood cancers, according to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The two main kinds of lymphoma are Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is the most prevalent kind of lymphoma.

Cancer, the War and Its Politics!

It is unlikely cancer ever being cured with any great success rates through pharmaceutical treatments. Although there are cancer treatments the alternative way through nutrition, vitamins, minerals, diet and lifestyle changes, with a far higher ...

Persistence and Determination Made Her Survive Breast Cancer

Az, a breast cancer patient, told us that she refused to seek further medical treatment because the doctor wanted her to undergo chemotherapy again. She was not willing to receive anymore chemotherapy due to the side effects. She opted for alternative therapies.

Testicular Cancer Cases Increasing

Testicular Cancer cases are increasing worldwide. It has been noted during the survey conducted in total 132 countries including 672 hospitals that testicular cancer cases reported are more in every n

Gold In The Cure For Cancer

Cancer occurs when abnormal cells divide without control and they invade other tissues, that is why this terrible disease can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. In present there are more than a hundred types of cancer and they are named for the organ or type of ce

What Type of Doctor Is Best to See for Breast Cancer?

A diagnosis of breast cancer means you need to find a doctor who specializes in breast cancer. Your family doctor can refer you to one, but many people prefer to research and choose the one they think best meets their needs. Keep in mind that if you have breast cancer, you won't be dealing with just

Filing Insurance Claims

Start here if you need to file a claim with your health insurance provider. Learn how to deal with the paperwork and successfully obtain payment for your colon cancer screening procedures.

Finding Legal Asbestos Advice For Your Asbestos-Related Disease

If you consider that there are people who are responsible for your asbestos-related illnesses, it is best that you look for legal advice and bring your case to the court of law. A person who has strong claims against people or companies that caused the exposure to asbestos and its substantial damage