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Embroidery machines

There's never been a better time to buy an embroidery machine, the technology which has gone into creating home embroidery machines is truly amazing and means you'll have a machine in your own home that ...

How to Crochet a Neckwarmer

A neckwarmer made with super-bulky yarn is a quick crochet project you can do in a night. Even beginners can make a stylish and functional neckwarmer to keep them warm throughout the winter. If you have never crocheted in the round before, this pattern is a simple way to learn. A neckwarmer is a lar

What Do I Need to Silk Screen?

Silk screening is an art that allows you to print identical images without the need for a press or other heavy machinery. It can be done on a kitchen table or in an art studio. The quality of the print depends on your creativity, artistic ability and how much practice you put into it. Basic material

How to Join a Different Color in the Middle of a Crochet Project

Joining a new yarn color in the middle of a row is necessary for working designs into crochet projects. Because crochet stitches are built up like bricks in a wall, it can be more difficult to work in a new yarn than it is in knitting. The key is to join the new color at the top of a stitch and weav

How to Create an Interactive Book

Interactive books are a great way to engage readers through a nontraditional book setting. They can be used as games, added to websites, or simply shared among friends. They can be as simple as just a page with a button to move forward and a button to move backwards. This article will talk about how

Spaceship Crafts for Kids

Spaceship crafts for kids ignite the shuttle line image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comSpaceship crafts help children use their imagination and learn about the wonders of outer space. Completed spaceship crafts are suitable for bedroom décor or as toys....

History of the Children's Museum of Chicago

Known today as the second-most popular children's museum in the country, the Chicago Children's Museum was developed with a mission to create age-relevant, interactive learning environments for children.

What Materials Was Frida Kahlo's Art Made With?

Frida Kahlo's life, though fraught with personal pain and tragedy, was one that produced works of major significance to the tradition of Mexican painting and the history of feminist art. Beginning her career after sustaining serious injuries during a bus accident, Kahlo worked primarily in the mediu

Tutorial on Beading With French Wire

In beading, French Wire is a hollow, patterned wire that passes between your wire and bead. It's used to give a finished look to a piece, and to protect your wire from abrasion at the clasp. French wire is also known as "gimp" or "bullion" and can be used as an alternative to bead tips. It is genera

Unusual Gifts for Toddler Girls

Toddler girls love to play.Happy Toddler image by Mary Beth Granger from Fotolia.comAre you in the market for a gift for a toddler girl? If you haven't shopped for this age group lately you are in for a treat, and some confusion as well. Unusual gift choices include indoor and outdoor...

Instructions for How to Smock Children's Clothing

Smocking is a method of shaping a straight piece of fabric into a garment. The smocking stitches gather the fabric at the upper part of a dress between the armholes and allow the skirt to flare. Smocking is done in two steps, pleating and smocking. The first step makes even pleats to allow the decor

How to Weave in Yarn Ends in Crochet

Create the best possible look for your crocheted item by finishing it carefully; weaving in ends sloppily can ruin the hard work you put into crocheting the project by giving it a messy, amateur appearance. Take your time to weave the ends in securely. This may take more time that you think, so plan

How to Stiffen Handmade Purses

Handmade purses are simple to make and a great way to always have a purse to match your outfit, regardless of your budget. Unfortunately, many beautiful fabrics lack the durability and stability that purses require. There is a way to add this stability to your handmade purses and stiffen the sides o

Calico Country Crafts

Calico fabric often features flowers or small patterns.bolts of fabric image by Scott Williams from Fotolia.comCalico is a type of fabric with a small print that covers the entire piece. It usually features a floral pattern, though plaid and polka dots are sometimes referred to as calico....

How to Make Cones

Making a paper cone can illustrate a geometry lesson or form the basis of a Christmas-tree craft project. These instructions pertain to a card-paper cone but you also can use them for any pliable material.

How to Make Artificial Bonsai

An actual bonsai tree requires long-term planning and patience. By keeping roots confined and trimmed back and carefully shaping a bonsai, a tree may last hundreds of years while appearing to be a perfectly crafted miniature version of a full-sized tree. However, not everyone has the patience to ca

Luminescent Glow in the Dark Projects

Luminescent paints and materials are ideal for creating magical, spooky or stellar-inspired projects. There are two main types of luminous paint. Fluorescent, which shows up under ultraviolet light or "black light," and phosphorescent, which is activated by daylight and continues to emit light afte

How to Make Your Own Toon Movie

Animated films have been a part of popular culture since the early 1900s and even before, starting out as crude drawings meant to get a laugh and evolving into a complex art form. Today, the animation process is still very painstaking and time-consuming, and much experience is needed to get the perf