Mobile Marketing Solutions: Zero Risk Mobile Marketing Solutions For Businesses Of Every Size

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Let's get right into two very distinct mobile marketing solutions.
One is here for the more entrepreneurial type person, the other is clearly designed for the business owner that wants to remove all the risk and most of the work.
Either direction you choose to take, these two options represent a stunning, ultra low-cost way for you to reach new customers.
And whether you elect to use professional mobile marketing services or decide to do all this on your own, you are about to discover a powerful new way to market your business.
Mobile Marketing Solution #1: Work Directly With Mobile Platforms For Six Cents A Click By working with the heaviest hitter in the space, AdMob (which is now owned by Google, you can create your own mobile advertising solutions.
This works in much the same way that Google AdWords works.
You set your daily budget ($50 to start), write your text ad (limited to about 35-40 characters, decide where you want that traffic sent to and then decide on the demographics of the person you want to reach.
That targeting is fairly strong at this point in that you can choose men or women, age group, and location in the world.
But then it only enables you to choose from among 5 channels (or interests).
This traffic will cost you about 6 cents per.
Mobile Marketing Solution #2: Working With A Mobile Marketing Company There are now low-cost ways to work with mobile advertising companies that essentially do all of this work for you.
More importantly, these mobile companies can create these leads for you on a CPA basis meaning you will not pay for the clicks as in the first example...
you will pay for LEADS ONLY.
Those leads can easily be moved into an immediate, time-sensitive download which could encourage action right away.
And this could essentially pay for a bulk of the cost of bringing that lead.
The array of mobile marketing solutions is vast.
And the options range wildly from hands on to hands far off.
But no matter what, mobile phone marketing is a force to be reckoned with, and prospered through.

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