How to Increase Your Downline in an MLM Business

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Don't only use the 3 foot rule.
Do not only make a list of your family members and friends.
Do that plus more.
Once you have exhausted your existing contacts, let them go.
You goal at this point is find the willing.
It is not to convert the unwilling.
There are thousands if not millions of people who are hungry for the right opportunity.
Find them.
YouTube: But Don't Pitch Don't you hate when people get on YouTube and do nothing more that shoot a cheap infomercial? Do not do that.
There is a way to attract and generating leads without sounds like a used car salesman.
It's called teaching.
I'm sure you've learned something you didn't know on YouTube.
Well your prospects do the same and click links for more information or give you a call.
However the key is giving real value.
Article Marketing: Write Well.
You don't have to be a NY Times best seller.
You can generate a good volume of leads by writing helpful articles.
Keep them short like this one.
Give good information and strategies that will help the reader even if he does join your opportunity.
What's more impressive is your body of work.
Having a huge volume of informative articles will increase your leads flow and credibility and help you build your downline.
Many people write a few articles.
Beat them with volume.
Blogging: Blog, Blog, Blog Backlink your articles and video to your blog.
People who want more valuable information will click on your link to your blog.
Remember you are not trying to win a prize when article marketing or YouTube marketing, you are trying attract the motivated people who want your advice and your leadership.
Finding this people is key to exploding your downline and generating traffic.
Your blog can sell the affiliate tools, training programs, build your list and present your opportunity.
Conclusion Incorporate these 3 strategies into your marketing efforts and you now have powerful methods to increase your downline in an MLM business.
However, the missing piece knowing enough about the industry in order to really offer value.
That really comes from getting the right training and education about the industry.
Below you will find the best network marketing specific training available in the industry.
You will need the knowledge in the resources below if you definitely want to increase your downline exponentially.

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