How to Impress Any Woman - Be the Man Women Want

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Talking to girls is not an easy task.
The greatest challenge is fear itself, not getting what you wanted or to be made feel stupid and rejected.
That is more the fundamental fear, that of feeling inferior.
As a result of this talking to girls can become an impossible task.
I mean talking to them at work about work or just general conversation in a group is OK, you know your normal everyday stuff, it's when you have the dreaded date question that the fear starts to creep in.
So talking to them is not necessarily the issue, its more about rejection, and rejection makes you feel like crap.
This in turn affects your confidence and confidence boils down to being able to do a task without much thought, you feel good that you can get the result you want.
There is no question that chatting up girls is a lot less challenging when you have no fear of rejection.
There are times when it doesn't matter how nice you act or what you buy for them you will find that some girls no matter what, will not like you enough to go on a date, they may be fine with being friends but the chemistry is not there for a relationship.
So even if you do get rejected it may have nothing to do with you, its more about the fact that you are not their type.
So how do you get back on the horse? Confidence is about ability, the greater your ability the more confident you become.
In conclusion you need to improve your techniques, know what to look for and what not, understand what a woman is thinking and apply strategies that will improve the possibility of results.
All this is improving your ability which will improve results.
Knowing that you can get results in turn boosts your confidence.
Having confidence impresses women as they know you are comfortable with who you are and what you do and because of this they will want to date you.

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