Silver Holloware For Anniversary Gifts

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    What is Holloware?

    • Simply put, holloware refers to hollow vessels -- the opposite of flatware. These pieces are available made completely out of sterling silver, or made from fine china and lined in silver. It's usually associated with a classic, antique aesthetic, but holloware is also available in more modern forms; brands like Georg Jensen offer sleek, contemporary-looking pieces.


    • There are a wide variety of silver holloware pieces related to dining and serving, whether they're intended for functional use or have a more decorative purpose. A set of platters is one option, or a pitcher, ornate bowl, soup tureen or serving tray. A full tea set, or even just the sugar bowl and creamer, is another alternative.

    Bathroom Accessories

    • While traditional holloware usually refers to items for the dining room, silver bathroom accessories are also an option. Some pieces, like trays or simple bowls, are multi-functional and could be in virtually any room of the house. Pieces specific to the bathroom include containers, perfume flasks and powder jars that lend a distinct Victorian feel to the space.

    Vintage Pieces

    • Because ornate, luxurious holloware dates back to the 14th century, finding historical or vintage pieces is another meaningful option for an anniversary gift. One type that is particularly sought-after is railroad holloware, the sugar bowls, creamers, coffee and tea pots, hot food covers and other silver pieces as used by rail dining cars in the early 1900s. Made by such manufacturers as Reed & Barton, International, Gorham, R. Wallace and Smith Silversmiths, the pieces were usually stamped with the name of the railway company that used them, which helps collectors learn about their background.


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