Nine Activities to Engage Toddlers

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Toddlers are active little people, working hard to discover their new world and learn all they can. They move from one challenge to another in a matter of minutes and need a great deal of chasing, engaging, cleaning up after, and redirection.

These nine creative activities suggested by teacher training programmes like early childhood courses will keep toddlers busy for at least ten minutes at a time, and they are great for heartening both an increase in their attention span and rising motor skills.
1.    Sorting Machine. Nearly all toddlers love to sort things. For a toddler who enjoys organizing, provide a few handfuls of multi-colored, O-shaped cereal and a muffin pan. With a small direction, she'll sort the cereal by color into the muffin pan cups and enjoy a healthy snack. For a non-edible activity, apply blocks or colored manipulative.
2.    Would be Picasso. A bowl of fine, chopped fruit with a some cream cheese and graham crackers is great for compelling, safe to eat art project. First, stretch the cream cheese on the graham cracker. Then have the toddler press fruit chunks into the cream cheese to create a healthy work of art. You may just motivate the world's would be Picasso.
3.    Toy Rotation. A box filled with toys can be stash away for months in a cupboard. When the forgotten toys are reintroduced, toddlers feel they have rediscovered them.
4.    Shake It Up. Place toys inside clear boxes with the lids attached. Children love to shake and rattle things, and when a toddler realizes a treat is inside, the activity will be even further interesting.

5.    Water Colors. Add a drop of blue food coloring to a shallow wading pool or sand and water table. Flip in some sea creature toys. For a change of theme, use green food coloring and jungle creature toys. It makes a great outside activity on hot days. Keep in mind to closely direct any waterplay.
6.    Lid-Le Ideas. Try presenting toddlers with a pot of plastic containers and their separate lids. Children can find and attach the matching lids to every container. Cleaned and dried plastic bottles like those used for condiments (ketchup), and grated cheese have typical lids that are effortlessly recognized and attached.
7.    Roughin' It. Turn over a table or gather small chairs into a circle in the centre of the room, then wrap blankets over them to construct tents. Flashlights and a non-sticky snack can generate a entertaining environment while you read a story or sing songs.
8.    Obstacle Course. Use nap mats on their sides, propped against chairs or tables, to form walls for a maze. Pillows can be hopped over, crawl on, or used as stepping stones in hindrance course. Play Follow the Leader in the obstacle course, changing the leader each time you reach the start. Support the children to narrate - can they travel as puppies, as bulls, as race cars?
9.    Footprints. Place a small amount of washable paint on a small tin or strong paper plate. Encourage the toddler to step into the paint with her bare foot, or feet, and walk across banner paper. She can even have a dissimilar color for each foot. This activity can be limited to a wading pool or canvas to ensure easy clean-up.

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