So You Like This Guy and Want to Get Closer to Him? Here is How to Do it Without Freaking Him Out

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You love him to distraction and are convinced that he is the one for you.
The only thing is that you don't have a clue as to how to get closer to him.
This is actually very easy as there are many ways to get close to the guy you like.
Here are some amazing ways and techniques that will help you to get real close and intimate with the guy.
Be friends with his friends This is one of the easiest ways to get close to him.
Become good friends with his friends.
This way you can hang out at the same places and enjoy each other's company.
It will also give you an opportunity to find out what his likes, dislikes and passions are.
Be careful what you say Be very careful about what you say and do in his company.
Don't swear or criticize or even gossip! You may be gossiping about his sister or someone he is close to! He will hate it if you nag and complain about things all the time.
Be open and honest and yourself.
You have greater chances of getting closer to him this way.
Don't change too much Changing bad habits and attitudes is a good thing as it will make you a better person.
But changing who you are and sucking up to him just to impress him is a bad thing.
Be yourself and confident that you are good enough for him.
Once you have this self assurance it will give you a poise and elegance that is undeniable.
Don't be annoying Whatever you do, don't be irritating and annoying or else he would want to swat you like a fly! Be engaging and entertaining.
Let him see you as a girl who is different and attractive.
Mingle freely and be honest with yourself first and then with others.
Become irresistible, and he will navigate towards you.
Don't tell any lies It is no use trying to build any kind of relationship that is based on lies.
You will find yourself alone and miserable in no time at all.
It is not going to be easy to live the lie and sooner or later he will realize that you are a fake.
Be true and honest and he will come to appreciate you.
Go to the right places You can't hope to get close to a guy you like if you stay at home.
Find out where he likes to hang out and plant yourself there.
Just make sure you look good enough to eat! Besides if he finds you at the same places he will be delighted that you share his interests and are very much like him.
Play the "chase me" game It won't help to fall all over the guy and show him how crazy you are about him.
Let there be a little distance between you and him.
Don't become too available and pretend you have other fish to catch - he will single you out and give you the opportunity to get close and personal with him.

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