students behaviour can be affected if we neglect them

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Homework help is a service that I provide to students of different grades where I provide them assistance in their homework and assignments. Sometimes students need a tutor who could explain them the concepts but due to high charges like $100 per hour for in person tutoring, they end up rather cramming the answers and not gaining anything. I have experienced that either you take online tutions or in person tutoring, one should gain from learning.

The situation of tutoring arises when parents provide less attention to kids. Students need a lot of concentration from their parents and peers who so ever is available. In the age of 4-7 yrs, kids don’t even know how to attempt answers, how to form answers, how to do calculations. So, they mainly try to get away from studies saying I will study later. Parents should give good attention to their kids especially when these kinds of situation come. This is the only moment in the life for kids when we can make their foundations strong. Let’s compare kids with any plant. If we buy good quality of seeds, pesticides, provide regular water and given good attention to our plants they grow faster and we can see the best results.

The same is the case with kids, when they are given good attention they also show responses and this plays an important role in their growth and development.  They tend to dislike studies or some specific subjects if they don’t understand l.  I would like to take a real life example that was faced by me with one of my students. Her name is Saanchi, I still remember when I went to teach her for the first time. She was in 7th standard, she was very poor in Math and her mid terms were about to begin in 15 days. I took one basic test from some chapters and found that she was weak at basics. She was an underestimated child rather a child with less brain. I decided to make her understand every single concept of algebra, geometry etc while concentrating on the chapters that would be coming in exams. On the first day only, she started responding when I explained the first chapter “Ratio and proportion”. Gradually I found that she could understand the things and in just 15 days we covered 7 chapters in Math. She scored 75% in the subject which was a good improvement as compared to 40% that she used to end up earlier.

Many parents just complain that my child doesn’t study but they never try to figure out what is the reason behind it. If they find the problem that is disturbing their child then their child will surely show improvement.  If you like to know more about my experiences on tutoring then kindly respond to me.

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