Reading Speed - The Key To Doing Well On The SSAT Test!

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This study guide for the SSAT test is going to give you tips that you can use to actually increase the speed at which you read.
This will go a long way, reading faster and being able to understand what you have read is half of getting through the reading portion in the time allotted to you.
If you use the tips we are giving you for the SSAT test you will sail through the reading portion with out a hitch.
These approaches will also give you time to go back and review all of your answers or at least those you feel are questionable.
The key to using this method is in the training.
You have to train to hone your reading skills just as an athlete would train their muscles for competition.
The sports professional knows that it takes daily training to become proficient at what they do and this is the only way you will get any better at reading comprehension.
Our eyes move along a page we are reading in a series of jerky movements, because we stop at each word.
The more words you can take in at a time will increase your reading speed.
Most fast readers take in as many as 4 words at a time or even more.
For the SSAT test 4 at a time is the ideal.
Follow these tips and you will do well on your SSAT reading exam: 1.
Read without focusing on one word but groups of words.
Try reading this section in groups of 2-3 words; you will get the general idea.
Do not read with your lips.
This actually slows you down.
If you cannot read any other way force yourself to go faster anyway and group the words as you read them even with your lips.
Read for at least 15 minutes each day, more if you have the time.
Have a purpose to your reading.
Start to dissect the text you are reading.
Go into the training session with and agenda like finding the main idea.
For this skimming the test is appropriate.
The main ideas of a text are generally in the first and last paragraphs.
Practice reading faster each time.
Use tools like your hand or a piece of paper to aid you in your reading sprints.
Getting through the reading portion of the SSAT test faster will give you the additional time to work on trouble spots in that section.
Use the SSAT practice test that you can download or print online to aid you in your effort to read better and faster.

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