How Mum Can Give Her Child a CHRISTMAS They"ll Never Forget

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How is it that on Christmas day most mothers spend more time slaving over a hot cooker only to spend even more time standing over the kitchen sink elbow deep in suds washing dinner pots and pans than the time that should be spent with the kids when they delight in opening their Christmas gifts? Just to see the kids happy and hear the laughter on Xmas morn has to be the best present for a mother in the way of a maternal emotion she could ever experience.
Sadly precious moments do not last long for mum because she is to busy worrying over who will sit where at the Christmas dinner table or whether to slice the turkey hot, or cold just to get more cutting to make sure the bellies of all are filled.
Christmas is a time for the "whole" family to celebrate and if that means including mum then so be it.
The children need mummy around the Christmas tree a little longer so that those precious moments become special moments.
1 Make this Christmas extra special by having Christmas dinner abroad, this can be a cheap option in the long run, meaning, dads flight ticket can be his Christmas present from mum and vice a versa, and as for the kids if there are any, buy them a primary for the home present placed under the tree and then fill their Xmas stockings with holiday fun bits and bobs i.
rubber blow up balls, inflatable, flippers snorkels etc, make sure they are light and easy to pack.
2 If you want to celebrate in your home town then consider booking a table in one of your favourite restaurants to have Christmas dinner, this way you can all be together.
This is the time where you can enjoy those uninterrupted precious moments where mummy has no need to leave the table and can give you all her undivided attention.
Why this is one of the best options to choose aside from giving the woman of the house a well deserved break is, by eating in a restaurant the kids never want to leave the table to play with their toys.
3 If you are one of those mothers that believe her place is in the home then fine, consider lightening the load so those precious moments prevail a little longer.
Roast the turkey the night before and prepare the vegetables.
Trifles and jellies can also be made the night before and stored in the fridge.
I know you may be thinking this is all well and good but how do you make this time available when wrapping up Christmas presents.
You can overcome this in a way which will prove to be cost affective in saving you money.
This can be an expensive time of the year so you should consider shopping early, as early as in the January sales.
Unsold Christmas gift wrapping paper, decorations etc can be purchased at rock bottom prices.
Scour the local newspaper for unwanted gift items for sale at half price i.
toys, aftershave, perfumes, electrical goods and gadgets.
It is a good idea to go along to a garage or car boot sale; you will be surprised at what you can pick up.
Christmas shopping should commence as early as six months before if not earlier Snap up bargains as soon as you come across them, don't dither over whether to buy or not because you may find you're self out of pocket a little later down the line when you may have to pay full price.
As you stock you must lock, meaning, put all your early Christmas presents away in a safe place away from prying eyes.
Remember it is not just the kids that are inquisitive.
If this be your decision to spend Christmas this way then not only will your Christmas be extra special - you will find that you are celebrating the lords' birthday the way intended "together".

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