Google Adsense Explained

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Google AdSense has been called many-a-things from gold to fraud from the best to the worst.
In many webmasters' minds however it has been an opportunity of unspeakable proportions.
One can only take a gander at how much users are currently using Google AdSense on their websites, all I know is it's recently been EVERYWHERE from the most popular websites to the seemingly unknown ones.
Google AdSense seems to have given everyone an opportunity, a break from the normal advertising programs that hinder the World Wide Web instead of advancing it.
From promising free riches untold to work at home programs no one could trust an ad.
Millions of users were being misguided all to learn their lessons too late.
Scams roamed the Internet and worse yet the trusted webmasters were the ones advancing them.
Simply because they had no choice everyone has to make a living some way or another.
Until that is Google AdSense came into the scene trusted advertisers that were hand picked by Google itself were determined to turn the World of on line advertising around.
Tired of users not believing what ads say and therefore making the whole Internet advertising industry worthless.
Webmasters making pennies a day were outraged but none the less had no choice.
Google AdSense however gave us all an opportunity for us hard working webmasters who demanded useful advertising, with proper compensation of course.
This being said thousands of flocks rushed to Google AdSense looking to get in on the quick buck.
One thing they didn't count on was the fact that Google AdSense doesn't just accept anyone as their publishers.
Applications failed miserably and everyone complained of the impossible standards of Google Adsense.
This prompted Google AdSense to release a list of requirements for publishers in order to be accepted.
This, of course as expected, worked wonders.
Google AdSense became the new thing it was all the buzz around the Internet.
Google benefited from this as it's stocks soared higher to push the stock market's limits.
Advertisers were getting legit traffic as was intended with programs such as Google Adsense.
It seems everyone was happy.
Like any successful campaign however problems begin to arise.
Spammers started to join Google AdSense with only money in mind.
Making websites with questionable content just earn quick cash, advertisers became concerned, but Google had covered all corners.
Ongoing surveillance of Google AdSense publishers continued to weed out these bad seeds.
In the process however legit webmasters were also sometimes, in rare cases, punished for seemingly no reason.
And many outcries circulated the Internet of the abuse Google AdSense was inflicting upon it's faithful publishers.
It is to be notated however of how any webmasters were welcomed by Google AdSense to plead their case.
Through this method they have been able to get back on track.
If you too are one of the banned ones or just looking to be safe checkhow to get unbanned by Google adsense.
I myself jumped at the gracious opportunity when Google AdSense was first introduced, skeptical of course as to all new things I decided to test it out.
I earned a few bucks and thought my mission was accomplished.
What I didn't realize was how far Google AdSense could make me go.
I had a couple of websites at the time and I only tried Google AdSense on one.
After about a month I decided to start using it on all of my websites.
And it seemed I had hit a jackpot, though my earnings weren't anywhere near what others were reporting I was happy to have my websites return profits.
Sites that I have kept up by myself with no profits in mind as I considered web mastering a hobby.
Soon I began to experiment with my Google AdSense ads by choosing more positions and taking advantage of Google's other services.
This blew my mind and my profits as well.
I thought I had it made, but as I continued to surf the Internet I found other websites out there who weren't using Google AdSense to it's full potential.
And then of course is when I decide to share my knowledge to best I can, so that others can learn how to truly use Google Adsense.
Even to this day I see sites that have so much to gain yet aren't using their 100% and it pains me.
In this hope I started this website to try to educate those who are truly serious about earning an actual cash profit from Google Adsense.
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