Top 10 Amazing Reasons to Make Money Online

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Here are 10 strong incentives and tips for establishing a home-based business online.
You want/need/deserve additional income.
The economy is a little scary right now and so many people are bringing home less cash due to loss of income, reduction of income or both.
If you're going to be at home anyway, you might as well take advantage of it.
Gas is still not the cheapest thing, and some folks just prefer to spend time with their families than annoying co-workers and supervisors.
When you go to work, you trade hours for dollars (whether you are salaried or not).
You don't get paid if you don't show up.
When you work online through your own business, your virtual workplace is always open 24/7.
You don't have to be at your computer to continue to realize your full earning potential.
There are no dress codes, mandatory lunch breaks, useless staff meetings, etc.
You may not know this, but the tax laws were written to favor the self-employed or business owners.
Consider this example: as an employee you earn money, then are taxed, and then spend what is left over.
As a business owner, you earn, spend, and then are taxed on what is left over...
Big Difference! 5.
Be your own boss and make your income potential unlimited.
You can control your financial destiny and not worry about restricting yourself.
Work the hours that you want and make as little or as much as you desire to handle.
Need I say more? When was the last time that you asked your boss to teach you everything she knows about her job so that one day you can have her position and salary? In the online business arena there are many mentorship opportunities available where someone who has a vested interest in your success will help keep you on the straight and narrow, and be available should you have questions.
It's cheaper to commute down the hallway than to go several miles away in traffic.
You may also be able to write off a portion of your housing expenses and utilities should you operate a home based business but I'll leave the professional tax advice to your accountant.
Coolness Factor.
Unless you're already independently wealthy and financially solvent, your lifestyle will probably take a dramatic turn for the better should you start a home business.
You'll realize both more time and more money and your friends and family will admire your ability to capitalize on two seemingly contradictory ideals.
Sign of the times.
You simply need to stay ahead of the curve on this one.
Especially during these turbulent economic times, why not rely on the person in the mirror to provide income for yourself and your family.
Job security is even more of joke today than the recent past and only you can look out for your financial future.

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