Easy to Remember Men Dating Advice That You Should Take to Heart

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There are a lot of sites online that aim to provide men dating advice.
Most of these are helpful, no doubt, but some are too specific or too wordy that it's a chore to just read and understand them.
If you are looking for men dating advice that you can easily bear in mind, look no further than this article.
The points below are the things you should follow in order to get that all-important first date and, if you play your cards right, take things further one date at a time with the woman you like.
Simple Men Dating Advice You Should Remember Ask the right questions.
Asking the girl you like what she's doing or if she's busy on a particular day is a big no-no.
If you don't provide specifics, how will she be able to decide if she wants to or can go out with you? She may enjoy your company, but what if you are planning to take her someplace she doesn't like? To help her decide, be direct and clear with your question.
Ask her if she wants to go with you on a particular day and time to a specific place or activity you have in mind.
Come up with a plan.
If you managed to get the girl you like to say yes to a date with you even if she doesn't have a clue where you'll go or what you'll do, it's highly likely that she is interested in you, too.
While this is a good sign, you should still make an effort to make a plan.
You wouldn't want to stress her out by asking where she wants to eat or what she wants to do.
She expects you to already know these things.
Practice chivalry.
While there are a number of men dating advice sites that do not include this tip - given the fact that "gender equality" is a hot issue nowadays - it's actually rare for a woman to take offense at a guy who is chivalrous.
Unless your date is unreasonable, she will probably find small acts of chivalry such as opening the door for her and walking her to the front door after the date flattering and pleasing.
These are also a great way to show that you genuinely care for her.
Say what you feel and mean.
A lot of women have experienced getting burned because they assumed too much based on the actions of the man they like.
What they thought to be romantic gestures turned out to be acts of friendship.
Your date might have gone through the same thing, so be vocal about how you feel and only say that which you mean.
If you tell her that you're going to call her the next day, do so.
And if you enjoy her company, tell her.
There are other men dating advice that will undoubtedly help you win the heart of the girl you like.
The four points above, though, can get you a long way and increase your chances of a second and third date.

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