How to Make a Home Office in a Small Space

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How to Make a Home Office in a Small Space


First, place your desk in the corner of the room. Usually the corner of a room is wasted space, so utilize it by getting a nice corner computer desk, or angle your rectangular desk in the space and use the dead space in the back to organize cords. The angle of this workspace also makes the room feel warmer and less institutional than a desk pushed up against a flat wall or out in the middle of your room with wasted area around it.

Hang shelves above your workspace to hold paper supplies and correspondence. Use heavier bookshelves to hold your printer and scanner and lay out spaces for CDs, and software books and boxes.

Use buffet style bookshelves to both hold books and provide counter space in your small home office. These lower two-to-three shelf bookcases are available at nearly every price point, and provide great storage and work space so you can spread out a bit.

Get a swivel chair on rollers. This will allow you to easily reach all the items you need to work productively in your small space and feel better about having some items off your desk top.

Utilize two-drawer file cabinets to hold files and again, provide counter space for phones, printers or ongoing projects. Get two that match and top with a piece of glass or plastic to create your counter space. This is perfect for spaces under windows that may otherwise get wasted.

Get some file holders that hang on the wall to keep you organized and working on ongoing projects. Utilize wall space next to your desktop to hang commonly used files and letters that need filing.

Get a paper shredder and don't keep unnecessary bills and papers in your space. Nothing eats up space in an office more than usually unnecessary paperwork, so shred away and keep yourself organized.

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