Strategies For Developing an Underperforming Email Marketing List Into a Viable Business

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As an online marketer, you need to make sure that you always have a viable and vibrant e-mail mailing list.
The larger this list, the better, so long as these people have been trained to open your e-mails and click on the links.
In this article I'm going to tell you how you can take a list that is underperforming and make it into a winning list for your marketing efforts.
To start with, you need to set yourself a target of e-mailing your list every single day.
You want your list members to open your emails and the only way they will ever do that is if they know exactly who you are.
In other words, you need to be visible.
Now, you needn't think that it's difficult to e-mail your list every day.
You just have to have things to tell them.
Even a quick message to remind people to check your blog and leave a comment on it will keep that relationship going.
Never use tricky subject lines to get prospects to open your emails.
Subject lines like 'Bad News' or 'Your Password' do work once, but this is never a long term solution.
People will associate you with your tricks.
Stick instead to subject lines that give clear information about what is contained in the email.
A small amount of intrigue is fine, but going out of the way to trick people is definitely not.
Push up your product creation.
This is excellent as it gives you a reason to mail your list, plus it will also make you money from sales.
One way to do this is to stick to creating simple low ticket products, rather than going in purely for elaborate launches.
You can test out these products at the low ticket price, then use the ones that are most successful as the basis for higher ticket products later on.
Make sure that you are developing the kind of email list that will make you money.
If you let your list slip away, then you are doing yourself and your business damage.
Aim to email the list every single day, even if you have to preschedule emails for when you are unavailable.
Develop products so that you have something to promote to your list.
And, never try and trick your list, or get one over on them.
By doing this you stand to have an excellent future as an optin email marketer.

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