LinkedIn Marketing Strategy - Generate 50 Leads Per Day Just Using LinkedIn! (Crazy Stuff)

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Last week, I ran into a webinar that completely blew me away, this guy was generating 50+ leads each and every day using a FREE social networking site.
Since I started this blog after a few weeks of promotion, I've been getting around 300 visitors a day, and I have been getting a lot of leads using Article Marketing, Social Bookmarking, I never really focused on social networking, because I just didn't like using them.
But only until I saw Larry Beacham also known as the "LinkedIn King".
This guy generates 50+ leads using his little secret strategy.
I don't think I have ever heard of anyone generate such amounts of leads romotely using LinkedIn.
Here's what I'm going to give you today...
I am going to share with some of the things that I have learnt from this amazing webinar, and I actually done you a HUGE favour, I got you an exclusive recording to the whole webinar which goes on 70+ munites, so you can hear the king of LinkedIn himself, Mr Larry.
Key Points of The Webinar: 1.
LinkedIn is for networking with other people, that's why it's a Social Networking site, not a site for spamming, so don't go around putting your affiliate links everywhere.
People go LinkedIn to meet other business-minded people and build relationships.
Therefore, your goal on LinkedIn is to meet other like-minded people and get to know them, build your relationship.
LinkedIn is best and the biggest network for business orientated people.
just by thinking about this, made me want to learn everything about this LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.
Another thing that got my attentention is that the average income of the LinkedIn members is $150,000 per year, that's just staggering.
Compare that to the average income of the USA wich is only $30,000 per year.
This means that LinkedIn members are a lot more qualified to own their own business making them laser targeted prospects for you.
LinkedIn can also be combined with the Article marketing strategy that I'm currently using to generate 30+ leads daily.
I also learned that in LinkedIn, it's all about giving quality advice, that means you should write quality Article and submit it to the LinkedIn directory.
Because, I already do Article Marketing it makes sense for me to add this to my tactics.
I believe that this a cool and neat strategy that you can start applying right away and start seeing immediate results in your lead count.
Most Network Marketers don't have thousands of dollars to spend on paid advertisements, and if don't either then I STRONGLY recommend you to use this simple and effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.
This exclusive webinar is 70+ minutes long and it is totally full of VALUE.
You can watch the whole thing for FREE on my blog.

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