Steps for SEO Keyword Research

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SEO keyword research is a very popular topic and certainly very frustrating for many marketers.
Here are some basics that you need so you can start getting your site noticed.
  • Determine who your target audience is
  • Be specific about what it is you are trying to rank high in the search engines
For example, be very specific as to WHO it is that you are trying to attract.
Be very specific with what it is that the concern is or the product, model number, specific series, or even color that you are trying to rank high for.
If you want to rank high on Google, taking the time to figure out who you want to market to will help you accomplish a much higher ranking.
Remember, the more targeted you are with your keyword, the better for you and your site.
Google and other search engines will reward you for this as you will see if you follow this simple tip.
Researching keywords does not have to be hard.
You just have to think like a person who is looking for answers about a specific topic.
  • UseKeyword tools
There are free tools that you can use and there's keyword software that you obviously have to pay for to help you find the targeted words as well.
You do not have to use all the latest and greatest software out there, especially if you are on a budget.
Using such things as Wordtracker and Market Samarai are just a couple of paid tools that you can use, but if you are really short on the funds, don't worry.
You can start out by using the free Google Keyword tool that you can get online if you just type that into the search engine.
  • Categorize the demand
In other words, study how many times a month people are searching for the keyword you want to rank for.
You also want to consider your competition.
Ask yourself how many other websites are trying to compete for the exact same phrase? The results will tell you that.
When first starting out, don't try to beat the "big guys.
" A big tip is to use the less competitive words because you can still get a LOT of traffic by taking the "lower hanging fruit" as someone once told me.
I tried it and it really does work.
The other thing is to consider "long tail phrases" as you will also find that people often will type in a longer keyword.
Three to four words often work very well.
  • Test Your Keywords
You need to make sure that they are converting.
Using articles for example will tell you how much traffic you are getting.
You can also post something to your blog using a certain word or words and then see how much traffic you are getting on that specific post.
A free tool that I and many use to determine the amount of traffic is something called Google Analytics.

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