What Are Methods for Drapes on Corner Windows?

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    Corner Curtain Rods

    • Corner curtain rods, also called angled curtain rods, form a right angle in the middle, allowing you to install one rod over two walls that meet to form a corner. These rods are hung on the wall with brackets that install just like any other curtain rod, and allow you to use most any regular curtain on your corner window. You can separately adjust the length of each side on many of these rods, which gives you great flexibility and solves the problem of windows of different widths forming a corner.

    Corner Connectors

    • Corner connectors are smart little curtain accessories that fit into the hollow ends of two straight curtain rods. Corner connectors may be jointed, so that you can bend them to match the angle of your corner. Most bend at several intervals, making them a problem-solving option if your corner window is not a right angle. Corner connectors are available from several manufacturers. Make sure you purchase corner connectors and rods that fit together securely, because not all are the same circumference.

    Flexible Curtain Rods

    • Flexible curtain rods are made of a special material that lets you bend them to your desired configuration. Flexible rods are even available as traverse rods, which hold a cord and pulley system -- meaning that you can even hang formal drapes over your corner window.

    Shades and Blinds

    • If dramatic drapes or yards of flowing fabric are not for you, consider shades and blinds. Shades and blinds can be custom-made to fit your corner window. Blinds have a clean, tailored look, while woven shades provide texture and fabric shades offer a bit of softness.

    Keep the Window Bare

    • While this is not a viable option in every case, it can be a beautiful one. If privacy or bright light is not an issue and especially if your window offers a terrific view, consider leaving your corner window bare. First, corner windows are interesting in themselves and are not often found in homes, so it would be great to showcase it instead of covering it up. Second, it's a shame to hide or draw attention away from a beautiful view, and curtains do that.


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