Make Money by Creating Your Own Website - Step 2 - Mindset

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Moving forward with your own business and creating your own website on line requires a certain mindset to be truly successful.
One way to think of this is by my model of the three "F's" - Focus, Fun and Forward.
•Focus is about having the level of clarity on why you want a business on line, who will be your potential customers and what you will be offering them.
•Fun is having the attention and child like curiosity to find the best tools for the creating your own website and learning the basics so you can set it up •Forward is actually taking action and creating your website ready to launch it to the public.
As you are reading this now, if you haven't already, grab the opportunity and take action to make the three "F's" a reality today.
You can do it if you decide to.
Learning something new and getting into a child like curiosity will help to see things from lots of different angles and think of different ideas and feel excited by what you can create.
It is about knowing the direction you want to take with your business, exploring new areas and learning new things so you can take action right now and start creating your own website today.
Believe that you can move forward and build your business, start to write down your dreams and wishes for the future success of your website.
Make some time to record your steps and celebrate them as you go along - Believe, Perceive, Receive.
Look out for the next article on Step 3 - Tools for the job Copyright - 3F Model, Three F Model, BPR Model

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