How to Make a Guy Want You - 2 Simple Steps to Get His Attention

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It can be hard to take steps to get a guy to ask you out if you are a traditional woman and want the man to make the first move.
You have your eye on a guy and you want to get him to make that first move, whether it is getting his attention or asking you on a date.
If you definitely do not want to make the first move, you should concentrate on making the guy comfortable in approaching you or asking you out.
Read these two suggestions to get you started: 1.
Make sure he knows you are single.
Take steps to ensure that he knows that you are not already in a relationship.
If you are not dating anyone, he is more likely to approach you because he is less likely to be rejected.
Compliment him.
Make sure the compliments are genuine.
Let him know that you enjoyed his performance if he plays an instrument or that you thought that he played well if he is into sports.
He will appreciate the support for something he has put a lot of effort in.
This will surely make him more relaxed in chatting with you.
So you have practically stood on the roof top and showed your interest and he still is not budging? Women would never think about asking guys out decades ago.
Many women did not ask men out.
In these modern times, a lot of women are not waiting for the guy to ask them out, they are taking their future into their own hands.
You can use these suggestions to get the ball moving without being too obvious: 1.
Ask him if he wants to stop for coffee before you catch the train together for work.
Ask him to save you a seat if you are taking the same class.
See if he wants to car pool to a game or an event.
Do you play the same sport? Play some one on one.
He will love the competition.
If you both have been discussing a movie that neither has seen but want to, make an "appointment" to go after work.

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