3 Keyword Research Tips Guaranteed to Attract Buyers

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Do you have problems getting found in the search engines? Don't know how to help people find your blog? Are you tired of freebie seekers? Want to attract real buyers, people with credit card on hand, but have no clue how to research the right keywords? Imagine how it would feel like to know exactly where the cash is already flowing, and what people are spending money on right now.
Can you hear the online cash registers ringing? The keyword research tips I am about to share with you are guaranteed to attract buyers to your blog, naturally, with no gimmicks and without spending a cent on software.
Keyword Research Tip #1 - Google.
Selecting the right keywords is crucial.
Our aim is to focus solely on "ready-buyers" key terms.
Phrases and long-tail keywords with Commercial Intent We start with Google AdWords' Keyword Tool adwords.
com/select/KeywordToolExternal Type in a key term related to your niche or industry added by a "ready-to-buy" key phrase or term [for e.
buy, best selling, etc.
] for e.
"marketing course best selling" Or you could just type in your niche keyword and look for "ready-to-order" key terms throughout the results such as [best, comparison, deal, etc.
] Keyword Research Tip #2 - ClickBank.
com This is Internet Marketer's #1 favorite online marketplace for digital goods.
If you are all about info products, how to guides and software services, then this is a "keyword" heaven.
htm It is not a regular search engine like Google but a place where you can find the best selling products and services in various niches.
You can search by the niche or product title and sort your results by popularity, gravity, etc.
This strategy is highly powerful when combined with Google's free research tool to find "ready-buyers" key terms and phrases.
Keyword Research Tip #3 - Shopping.
There is no reason to remind you that "commercial" phrases is what we are looking for.
So the last and the best way to find buyers for your blog is to target your content for the same keywords they are using when searching online.
If your blog sells or promotes hard products such as books, clothes, IT accessories, etc.
, then check out Shopping.
com, one of the biggest shopping engines in the world.
I consider this a very unique approach to keyword research.
Imagine how effective this can particularly be since 98% of the bloggers out there probably never heard of it.
There you have it.
Three simple tips guaranteed to teach you how to research keywords and attract buyers to your blog.
It is time to speak up.
Do you have the courage to scare freebie seekers and attract buyers to your blog?

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