What Age Should a Boxer Stop Having Pups?

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    Veterinarian Advice

    • Your Boxer should be evaluated by a veterinarian throughout every pregnancy. This will help you decide when her health could be jeopardized by having any more puppies, and when to stop her from having pups.

    Typical Breeding Age

    • The typical breeding age range for most dogs is from age two through age six. Dog breeder Cindy Moore recommends breeding close to the dog's second season, and stopping around age six.

    Health Concerns

    • Breeding your Boxer after age six can result in a shortened life span for your dog. Boxers are prone to heart problems, thyroid problems, and occasionally hip dysplasia. Over breeding your Boxer can lead to early onset of these problems.


    • In the United States alone, up to seven million unwanted pets sit in shelters across the county. The more breeding that is done, the more puppies and dogs put into the world.

    Senior Dogs

    • By age six to seven, most dogs are approaching their senior years. A dog that is six years of age is equivalent to that of a 53 year old human. Allow your Boxer dog to relax and enjoy her later years.


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