In a Small World the Kit Kat Will Sleep With The Lion After You Let The Dogs Out to Get Some Ribs

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Have you ever got an annoying song stuck in your head?There's actually a term for that, it's called an earworm.
The leading researcher on earworms is James J.
Kellaris, PhD, Professor of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.
While you and I want to make an earworm stop; advertising agencies and marketers want to know how to make it stick.
Since it seems we all have a vested interest in Dr.
Kellaris' research, let's take a quick look at how and why a song get's stuck in our head.
Earworms are not a rare occurrence; fully 98% of the population gets a song stuck in their head.
According to Dr Kellaris "earworms can attack almost anyone at any time.
"The earworm syndrome tends to strike people with "neurotic tendencies" more often.
Not that you're neurotic, it tends to his us most often when we're tired, stressed or anxious.
How does some song get lodged in your brain?Actually, there's no secret formula for creating an earworm.
Our brain has a love of patterns and picks up quickly on simple, catchy, repeating tunes and/or lyrics; especially those that have been heard frequently on the radio or TV.
According to research conducted at Dartmouth College in 2005, as reported in the journal "Nature" these tunes reside in the area of the brain known as the auditory cortex.
In the auditory cortex the brain can "readily recall and perceptually hear words and music.
"(Just think it only took them until 2005 to figure that out) That leads to a question:Are advertisers and marketers trying to unlock the secrets of the earworm to manipulate us?If you were a conspiracy theorist, I'd love pointing out that Dr.
Kellaris, the leading researcher in the field is a marketing professor.
Is there a connection he's located in the same city as the world's largest producer of consumer goods, Proctor and Gamble? Of course marketers would love to get their messages stuck in consumer's heads.
A stuck jingle is the same as free air play.
On the other hand, there's a big risk of annoying prospects and customers by intentionally creating an earworm.
Doing that on purpose would be counter productive.
As to weather an earworm can be created on demand, the research is still ongoing.
Stay tuned.
Kellaris' Top Ten Earworm List 1.
Everyone has his or her own worst earworm.
Chili's "Baby Back Ribs" jingle.
"Who Let the Dogs Out" 4.
"We Will Rock You" 5.
Kit-Kat candy-bar jingle ("Gimme a Break...
") 6.
"Mission Impossible" theme 7.
"YMCA" 8.
"Whoomp, There It Is" 9.
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" 10.
"It's a Small World After All"

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