Female Seduction Tips - 2 Must Know Tips on How to Seduce Women

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Seducing a woman is something that can easily seem mysterious, difficult, and even a little intimidating.
If you are not used to having a lot of success with women, then it is easy to psyche yourself out of thinking that you could ever really have an easy time seducing a female.
However, you need to realize that no one starts out as a 'master' of seduction, so it should be apparent that there are some skills that you can learn that will make it seem easy for you.
The problem that most guys have when it comes to seduction is, they have no idea on what really works.
All they can go on is what sounds like it might work and test it out for themselves.
Considering that most guys will never actually test out most seduction techniques, it's easy to see why there is so much confusion as to what really is effective.
So, what does really work, what are some female seduction tips that can help you to seduce a woman without looking foolish or like you don't know what you are doing? Female Seduction Tip #1- You do NOT have to use any lines or routines that make you feel uncomfortable.
Here's the thing.
You do have to break out of your comfort zones when it comes to dealing with women, that much is true.
On the other hand, though, if you are trying to use lines or routines that make you feel really uncomfortable, then you are probably going to fail simply because you are giving off that uncomfortable vibe which in turn makes the woman feel uncomfortable around YOU.
So, don't think that you have to run lines and routines that you don't feel comfortable with using, because most of the time...
it will work against you.
That's not to say that you can't or should not use lines or routines at all.
Even though I am much more inclined to recommend that you use natural techniques to attract and seduce women, learning a few lines or routines can have it's place and it can help you to see some success with women.
Just don't assume that there are certain ones that you absolutely have to use, because that's just not the case at all.
Female Seduction Tip #2- Even the best of the best cannot close on every women they approach.
If you have ever watched a pick up artist approach a woman, all you will ever see is them making a successful approach.
This is just simply them showing you their BEST results, not all of them.
They aren't really going to share a clip of them completely bombing, are they? Yet, it can and DOES happen even to the best of them.
So, if you approach a woman and you totally mess things up, don't feel bad about it.
All you can do is learn what did not work, think about why it did not work, and then adapt so that the next time you might get better results.
Without some rejection, some failure, you will never be able to bounce back and get better.
And that is part of the process of learning how to seduce women.

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