Travel To Vietnam: Ideas And Best Places

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Vietnam is an ancient and must-see country located in Southeast Asia. Surrounded by scenic mountains and rivers, this Asian country has much to offer any traveller. If you are looking for a holiday that can offer cultural exploration as well as awesome natural and manmade sights that you will remember for a lifetime, then this is definitely the country you want to travel to. If you are short on time or money, or are just stopping by for a few days in the country then you will have to make the most of your limited time. You could take a good few months to fully explore Vietnam, its people and the fascinating culture. If, however you are just looking for a key highlights tour of Vietnam to really get a good idea of what travelling to Vietnam is about then here are some must-see destinations:
  • Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC): A grand display of colonial French architecture and traditional Vietnamese cultural icons and religious temples, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. This city will dissolve any definition you had of the word ‘busy'. There are people everywhere, zipping by on motorbikes, the national form of transport.  Here the main attractions are the river market, historical tour of the civil war artefacts and the buildings like the city hall and basilica that light up in romantic purple pink shades in the evening.
  • Huê: This was once a capital of Vietnam's imperial empire during the Nguyen dynasty. Here lies a series of UNESCO world heritage sites that give an insight into the majesty of the Ancient Vietnamese citadel. The architecture is beautifully preserved but if you really want to get the most out of this cultural gem try for a guided tour that may be included in a tour of Vietnam package. A local guide is what is really needed to explain the cultural symbology, history and how to ancient people lived.
  • Hoi An: This is another UNESCO World Heritage site that features Vietnams iconic scenic rivers and lakes. The Hoi An port and the nearby large town was the chief port of Vietnam and saw a lot of trade with other Asian countries such as Japan and China and even other countries like India and the Dutch merchants. The influences in architecture and surrounding artworks have a heavy Japanese flavour as it was originally a split town. Once again, as it is a historical site with many intricate cultural details, a guide is needed to truly understand the significance of what you are seeing. However, those that choose to read only a bit of background information and appreciate the city and river for its scenic beauty also can't go wrong.
  • Ha Long Bay: If you enjoyed what you saw of the rivers in Hoi An and Ho Cho Minh City, then a trip to Ha Long Bay is really a must. Here is where the natural beauty of Vietnam shines through. The bay is the definition of a tropical paradise, pearl white sands, crystal sparkling blue waters and distant mountains to complete the picture. Here are also caves you can tour expeditions by row boat to some truly serene waterfalls and secluded coves.

This is just a tour of Vietnam's four best offers. If you have the time, there are many more delights to find in this country ranging from rice paddies to fresh markets and mountain top views of sprawling villages.

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