How to Track Embedded YouTube Videos With Google Analytics

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    • 1). Copy the embed code for the desired video from the YouTube site.

    • 2). Log in to your content-management system and navigate to the dashboard.

    • 3). Create a new page for your site. This will house the embedded YouTube video. By creating a new page and placing only the video and a description, when you look at the Analytics for that page, you'll know people were visiting the page specifically to watch the video.

    • 4). Paste the embed code onto the new page. Be sure you are in HTML or Source mode on the page when you paste in the code.

    • 5). Finish creating the page by clicking "Publish" or a similar function. Be sure to add tags, categories, and assign a location for the page to appear before clicking "Publish." Before you move on to tracking the page, promote it on your social sites and in your correspondence, so you have some traffic going there.

    • 6). Log in to your Google account with your user name and password and navigate to your Analytics platform.

    • 7). Select "Content Overview" from the Reports menu, then select the "In-Page Analytics" link. This will take you to a listing of the various pages on your website and list the traffic for each page.

    • 8). Click on the link to your video page to view specific analytics about that page. Click "Advanced" from the page to see even more in-depth information about the page.


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