How to Limit Remote Login Access

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    • 1). Click "Start" and then select "Control Panel." The "Control Panel" window then pops up on your computer screen.

    • 2). Click "System and Maintenance" and then select "Allow Remote Access" from the "System" section.

    • 3). Click "Continue" when your computer asks you to continue if you started the process currently taking place. A window labeled "System Properties" then appears.

    • 4). Click the "Remote" tab at the top of the window; then click the "Advanced..." button and a window labeled "Remote Assistance Settings" appears.

    • 5). Check that the box next to "Allow this computer to be controlled remotely" is marked if you want to allow remote access, or unmarked if you don't want to allow remote access. Also limit the amount of time that a remote access invitation can remain open from the "Invitations" section or whether a computer accessing your computer has to have the same operating system as you do.


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