Sex Tips, Ideas, Guidelines, and Suggestions - Starting With C and D

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We modestly offer sex advice consisting of short alphabetical pieces.
We aim to improve your sex life.
Each article includes at least two positive and two negative suggestions, based on words that you never thought were sexy.
Review these proposals and schemes before closing your door on the way out, and once again before opening your zipper on the way in.
There is something about politics that leads to the bedroom.
A campaign is a good place to meet friendly people.
And you can start your own campaign.
You might not even mind coming in second.
Why not try canvassing for some charity or other? Make sure that the charity gets all the money that you collect, but you can keep a copy of the phone numbers and the wild nights are for you alone, you two alone.
Remember what they say, charity begins at home - your place or mine? Dawn.
See if you can wangle an early-morning date.
There's something very special about seeing the sunrise together.
Tired, let's go back to bed.
Dawn't say a word.
Let's dew it.
Why is it that expresso coffee is so much sexier than a regular cup of Joe? Don't show your impatience by chugging that precious little liquid.
And if you're not used to this drink don't go for a double-double or your nerves will be so jangled you won't appreciate a Yes.
And now for some things to avoid.
Don't be cheap.
A lousy tip can change your love or lust interest's mind, particularly if he or she waits for a living.
You'll end up saving pennies and waiting for a yes.
This advice also holds if your partner is the kind who pockets tips on the table.
Suggestion, don't bring him or her to your place.
Don't be defensive.
This doesn't mean that you have to be offensive.
But if you're always playing defense you should change positions.
Especially if you haven't been in the backfield.
Or frontfield.
Make one last pass before you try another team.

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